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At Just the Right Time: Ben's Story

“You shouldn’t be here,” Ben told himself.

Parked outside the bar, sitting alone in his car, the 31-year-old law student had been wrestling with himself. Prior to committing his life to Christ a year before, an alcohol addiction ruled his life. For years now, he had been sober - but as he considered whether or not to join his teammates at the party, he sensed the danger of temptation.

All the while, Dr. Michael Youssef’s message of Lot’s moral compromise rang out from the speakers of his car radio - and as Ben heard the words of the sermon, he knew what he had to do.

Watch Ben’s story and see how God used a timely Leading The Way message to give him courage in his moment of need – and consider joining Leading The Way as we continue to reach more than 190 countries with the Truth that is transforming lives.

No Longer Afraid: Samar's Story

She had heard about the brutal executions, the cities destroyed, the families kidnapped—all in the name of Allah. News of ISIS filled not only the headlines but the conversations of her friends and classmates, fueling the doubts she had experienced for a long time about the religion that had come to shape her life.

Samar*, 18, was a Saudi Arabian Muslim with a lot of questions about her beliefs. Hungry for the Truth, she looked to Christian television for answers to her questions: What about the Trinity—do Christians worship three gods, or one? How could Jesus be God if He were a man?

Samar called in to THE KINGDOM SAT, Leading The Way’s 24/7 satellite channel, with her questions—and she found answers. For months, she corresponded with Ash, a Leading The Way follow-up coordinator, after her family deleted THE KINGDOM SAT from their satellite receiver. “I could lose my life at the hands of one of my own family members because of this,” she shared, “and I’m not ready to die for something that might be a lie.”

But Samar continued to call with more questions, and the answers continued to point to one Truth: Jesus was not just a prophet or teacher, as the Qur’an said; He was the Savior. The time had come for her to make a choice. Would she continue to follow Islam—or would she turn her back on the life she had known in order to follow Christ?

After eight months of conversations, Samar had made up her mind. She prayed with Ash to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior. “Now I’m ready to die, because it’s easy to die for what I’m now convinced is the truth,” she said. “I thank God for ISIS, because they opened my eyes.”

For Samar, a young woman living in Saudi Arabia, facing death for her conversion is a very real concern—but she has already counted the cost. With a hunger for God’s Word, she continues to study the Bible online and contact our follow-up team to develop a deeper understanding of who God is and how to walk with Him every day. “Samar’s best friend also has the same questions that she once had—and now that she knows the Truth, she boldly shares the Gospel with her.

The vast majority of Saudi Muslims agree that the Islamic State accurately represents Islamic values—but some are asking questions, and God is opening doors. Samar is one of many whose questions about ISIS and Islam are driving her to the cross. Through personal on-the-ground follow-up and clear Bible teaching from those who understand the culture of the Middle East, God is using the outreach efforts of Leading The Way to grow the church in this region.

To be a part of Leading The Way’s outreach through personal discipleship and 24/7 broadcasting, consider a generous gift this month and join as we share the hope of Christ in the Muslim world.

*Name changed for her security.

Jesus In the Midst of the Storm

In the boat on the Sea of Galilee, things had gotten increasingly dark and dangerous. The wind had picked up, and so had the waves. Lurching and reeling, the disciples panicked as they found themselves caught in a storm out at sea.

What the men didn’t realize was that Jesus was with them in the storm. He was there, although He wasn’t in the boat. He was coming to them, walking on the water.

But when He got close, they didn’t recognize Him. “It’s a ghost!” they said, and cried out in fear (Matthew 14:25-26).

These men knew Jesus better than anyone, but they did not recognize Him. The wind was howling, and they were focused on the wind. The waves were crashing, and they were focused on the waves. They were so wrapped up in their fears that when they saw Jesus, they thought He was a ghost.

The disciples expected Jesus in the blessings, in the miracles, and in the abundance - but they did not expect Him in the middle of the storm.

When our lives are reeling and rocking, we see “ghosts” too - ghosts of doubt, anxiety, and unbelief. But Jesus is in your storm with you, and He wants you to learn to recognize Him and to expectantly look for Him there.

How can you see Jesus with you in your storm? Adjust your focus. Don’t focus on your “what ifs,” your worries, your fears - those will only distort your view of Him. Focus instead on who Jesus is. Focus on His promises.

When the winds begin to howl and the waves begin to crash, when your imagination begins to run wild, remember what is true: God is with you (John 14:16-17), He will take care of you (Matthew 6:31-32), and He is working all things for good (Romans 8:28).

As you adjust the focus of your heart, Jesus will come into view more clearly. The wind and the waves may continue to swirl around you, but in the midst of the storm, you will know the mighty peace and presence of God. You will find Jesus in the midst of the storm.

Pray for Our Nation


Today, as we honor the National Day of Prayer, Leading The Way is broadcasting Dr. Michael Youssef’s When The Crosses Are Gone message on radio stations across North America. Tune in today and share your prayers for America with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s pray for our nation – not just today, but every day.



The Difficult Journey from Islam to Christ

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

When Nada* was first introduced to the Gospel, she didn’t want to hear it. Her family was Muslim. She had been born a Muslim. She would always be a Muslim - or so she thought.

However, for the past year, Nada’s husband Khalid* had been in contact with Ash - one of more than a dozen dedicated follow-up coordinators around the world who respond to viewers of Leading The Way’s satellite television channel, THE KINGDOM SAT. After watching the channel, Khalid reached out to us and was connected to Ash.

The more Khalid spoke with Ash, the more God softened his heart to the Gospel. Over time, he began to see the holes in Islam and longed for a relationship with Christ. He also longed for his wife to know Jesus.

Once Khalid accepted Jesus as his Savior, Nada refused to discuss it with him - so he encouraged her to speak with Ash. Seeking answers for herself, she called - and as Ash answered her questions and prayed with her, her heart began to change.

Today, both Nada and Khalid are believers. But it’s not easy taking these steps of faith. After learning of their conversion, Nada’s father took their young daughter and forced them away from the family’s home.

Like most members of our follow-up teams, Ash knows these dangers all too well. Growing up in the Middle East, he spent countless hours studying the Qur’an in preparation to become a leader in the mosque. In his teenage years, Ash came to Christ after hearing the Gospel on the radio. When his family found out, he was beaten and had to flee his home.

The Holy Spirit is on the move in the Muslim world, drawing people to Christ - but the process of coming to Christ takes time, and the transition from Islam can be incredibly difficult. In places where Muslims or new converts cannot simply walk into a church, find a Bible study, or talk freely about the Gospel, Leading The Way is their only lifeline to discipleship.

That’s why these teams are so important, and why I want to ask you to partner with us today. On-the-ground follow-up is a crucial part of stewarding the Gospel message Leading The Way proclaims every day over the airwaves. Your gifts help us to not only cast the seed of God’s Truth through our broadcasts - they also allow our follow-up teams to come in and do the sowing.

As we walk alongside of new believers like Nada and Khalid through conversion, discipleship, and persecution - will you join us?

In Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

*Names have been changed for their protection.

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