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Global Media Center

In late 2012, Leading The Way moved into the Global Media Center, the ministry's new headquarters facility.
Leading The Way's leadership spent more than 18 months looking at multiple properties, but kept coming back to a building in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Patience paid off and the building, built in 1988, was ultimately purchased out of foreclosure for approximately one-third its original asking price.
The Global Media Center more than triples our usable work space, providing room for growth and technology upgrades, while allowing us to maintain 15,000 square feet of currently sub-leased space to provide income for our ministry.

The Global Media Center also allows us to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Our Chief Engineer led the build-out of our equipment area that serves as the technical core for the ministry. This core provided a much needed overhaul and upgrade of our technical systems to help us to continue to use popular technologies to communicate the Gospel message.
The Global Media Center also provides for many practical ministry needs like office space, conference rooms, and restrooms, as well as a prayer chapel and dedicated volunteer work space.