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God Answered Your Prayers in Cairo!

Despite the threat of political protests following a recent government decision in Egypt, roughly 5,000 people came to hear Dr. Michael Youssef preach in Cairo, Egypt, this past weekend, with many more watching via the live satellite broadcasts of THE KINGDOM SAT. At least 500 people responded to Dr. Youssef’s clear invitation to salvation during his three-day preaching event.

During the first evening of the event, a heavy military presence was outside the church bracing themselves for protests in Tahrir Square. On the last evening, brief technical issues interrupted the live broadcast. Yet in spite of distractions and spiritual opposition, God did a mighty work in the lives of those who attended, drawing many to salvation and encouraging the body of Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership for this exciting three-day evangelistic outreach. We invite you to continue praying with us for these new believers in Christ and for a mighty move of God’s Spirit to continue throughout the church, city, and nation.

If you missed the livestream of the event, you can watch the services at LTW.org/Egypt.

To help us continue our global outreach, click here.

7 Years of THE KINGDOM SAT: Arabic Worship Medley

Our satellite TV channel THE KINGDOM SAT is 7 years old this month! To celebrate, we wanted to share THE KINGDOM SAT's most popular video on YouTube—a beautiful worship medley in Arabic. The lyrics are below.

"The Lord Is Near to Those Who Call Upon Him" / "Stay With Me"

The Lord is near to those who call upon him
He is not far away as they claim
He is not unfamiliar with all they suffer from
He is the one who called all those who labor
To comfort them from their heavy laden
To wipe off tears from every sad heart

Hadn’t he lived on the run
Hadn’t he experienced pain in temptation
Hadn’t he resurrected to give us life

He loved the tax collectors
Stayed with fishermen
Forgave sinners like me

He fulfilled the needs of the needy
Walked around doing good
Died to carry the shame of the sinners
In front of a tomb, He was weeping
At the night of His death, he was kneeling down

How come I wouldn’t trust Him!
Would I doubt His love!
My Father who loved me unto death

Stay with me, my Master
The day is about to end
There is no strength to pursue living
Life is disappearing
And it is time to sleep in death

If I pass through the valley of weeping
Your presence surrounds me
In my life and death, I am dedicated to God

Where, O death, your victory
Where, O tomb, your authority
I got the crown of victory
Because my Lord is my victor

"I was astonished by God's love."

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

Dear Friend,

Without a doubt, you are aware of the absolute turmoil and chaos going on in the Middle East today.

But in the midst of all that is unfolding, you are making a tremendous impact in this region of the world.

In fact, thanks to your support, we are celebrating an exciting milestone this month: the seventh anniversary of THE KINGDOM SAT.

This international outreach was birthed out of a vision God gave me for a 24/7 satellite television channel offering sound Biblical teaching to the Muslim world -- reaching the lost and equipping believers.

Since then, it is astounding to see all God has done to grow and multiply the outreach of this dynamic broadcast ministry. With your partnership, THE KINGDOM SAT:

  • Provides Bible-based teaching in English, Arabic, French, and now Indonesian, reaching six continents of the world with Biblical encouragement.
  • Has grown from broadcasting five subtitled Western programs to airing programs from 50 global ministries.
  • Utilizes on-the-ground follow-up teams to evangelize and disciple those who reach out to us via email, social media, and phone. These teams had close to 90,000 follow-up conversations last year alone!

This unique, growing ministry allows us to be the "hands and feet" of Jesus to the Muslim world. Everything we do is meant to boldly proclaim the Truth to those who are searching -- people just like Farouk* from Iraq. He writes:

I read the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah and how Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil and how he answered. And yet, I was so confused; could Jesus be the Lord? Later, while surfing the Internet, I found THE KINGDOM SAT website. I watched Dr. Michael Youssef's programs and heard the Truth again and again. I was astonished by God's love. I accepted Christ as my Savior.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, God is using your partnership to lead souls out of the darkness and into the light of Christ through this channel.

Will you consider a generous gift this month to help us reach more people like Farouk -- and follow up with those seeking to know the Truth?

Thank you for your prayers and partnership. It is my great joy and honor to serve alongside you in this timely Kingdom mission.

In Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

*Name has been changed for his protection.



Celebrating 7 Years of 24/7 Coverage

Seven years ago this month, the launch of Leading The Way's satellite TV channel marked a monumental shift that would forever shape the ministry's history and mission. Birthed out of Dr. Michael Youssef's vision to provide 24/7 Biblical teaching to the Muslim world, this channel has grown into a discipleship movement, providing fellowship, encouragement, and Truth as God ministers to seekers and believers alike through our personal follow-up teams.

Today, God is using THE KINGDOM SAT to bring hope, healing, and salvation into the hard-to-reach places of the world. From homes to refugee camps, the Word of God is touching hearts and changing lives. In closed countries where churches are nonexistent and Bibles are hard to come by, people are hearing and responding to the Gospel message. Underground churches are being planted. And viewers are not only coming to Christ, but becoming bold disciples of Jesus.

Over the years we have received countless testimonies from around the world testifying to God's incredible work through THE KINGDOM SAT. Take a moment to watch and read some of these recent stories. You'll be blessed and encouraged by the work God is doing in the Muslim world.

Your partnership enables Leading The Way to reach into hundreds of millions of homes in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Indonesia through THE KINGDOM SAT. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Are These Signs of the End?

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

Dear Friend,

You and I live in a world of deception.

We see it in the Muslim world, as multitudes buy in to the lies of radical Islam. The growth of ISIS shows us how convincing and compelling even the most outrageous distortions of the Truth can be.

But we also see deception taking hold in the church as many professing Christians embrace philosophies of the New Age movement. How many times have you seen the “COEXIST” bumper sticker? This is a classic example of subtle deception — for all the faith systems represented on this bumper sticker can never coexist!

All of these deceptions are part of a much larger scenario. For centuries, Satan has been preparing the world to accept the Antichrist (who bears a striking resemblance to Islam’s savior, the Mahdi)....

Could we be witnessing a pre-cursor to the rise of the Antichrist in the current ISIS uprising? The acceptance of gay marriage? The defection of many from the faith? Are we, indeed, seeing Biblical prophecies fulfilled?

Multitudes have bought into the lies of the great deceiver. They are living in spiritual bondage. But the love of Christ compels us to proclaim His Truth from the rooftops — and to reach the masses for His name.

In all of this, I treasure your partnership. For your gift this month, I’d like to thank you for your generous support with my new book, End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi.

This clear and relevant presentation of the major themes of Revelation is packed with contemporary stories and filled with many surprising insights. This is not just a guidebook to the future, but an action plan for living confidently for Christ in these turbulent and uncertain times.

This month, I want to offer you a copy of End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi for your gift of any amount to Leading The Way. Although the book does not release until February 23, I want to make this special pre-order offer available to you now as my partner in ministry.

Most importantly, your generous gift today will enable us to continue in the mission God has entrusted to us together.

I ask for the sake of someone like Ahmed, one of the Tuareg people of south Algeria — a Muslim tribe in the middle of the desert. When he came across our program on THE KINGDOM SAT, our 24/7 satellite channel, a friend urged him to stop watching — but Ahmed was fascinated by this Savior named Jesus.

After corresponding with our follow-up team, he gave his heart and life to Christ. And through his faithful witness, there are now five believers among the Tuareg people — the first church we know of in this community.

Through your faithful support of Leading The Way, the Truth of Christ is piercing the darkness of deception and breaking the chains of false religion. Please help us continue to reach people like Ahmed, and multitudes of others, with the Word of God with your generous contribution today.

Again and again in Revelation, Jesus assures us, “Yes, I am coming soon.” May the Lord fill you with hope, faith, and an eager expectation of Christ’s return. And may you and I be faithful to His assignment until He comes back ... for the sake of multitudes more like Ahmed.

In Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

P.S. When you pre-order End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi, kindly provide us with a valid email address if you would like to receive a free digital download package — including an excerpt from the book, a detailed end-times prayer guide, and exclusive interview content related to the book.

Your copy of End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi will ship the week of February 22. And your gift will help passionately proclaim the uncompromising Truth here at home and in the Muslim world. 

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