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Leading The Way invites you to watch Testimonies of a Timely Mission, a special in-studio broadcast with Dr. Michael Youssef and Joshua Youssef, airing beginning this Sunday on your local TV station and

Join us for an exciting time of sharing what God is doing in the Middle East and North Africa through Leading The Waystories like:

“I believed in jihad and killing anyone who did not follow Islam. . . .
I have decided to follow Jesus.” -Morocco

“I thank God for ISIS, because they opened my eyes.” -Saudi Arabia

“I was in the darkest time in my life. . . .
Your support helped me to get back up on my feet again.” -Lebanon

This special broadcast will also air Tuesday, June 23rd, on your local radio station.

Don’t miss Testimonies of a Timely Mission, and join us in celebrating how God is moving mountains and captivating hearts in the Muslim world.

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Victorious Moments and Divine Appointments

As Leading The Way's fiscal year comes to an end and we reflect on all God has done, God has made it clear that even in the darkest of places, He is moving mightily through our broadcasts, personal follow-up, and ministry to the persecuted.

In the last 12 months of ministry, we have celebrated many highlights -- including the distribution of tens of thousands of solar-powered Navigator devices; the addition of Japanese to our dual-language library; helping thousands of persecuted Christians, many directly affected by ISIS; and engaging in on-the-ground discipleship with viewers of our satellite television channel in the Muslim world.

This year, we've been blessed to hear many testimonies like these:

"I was one of those people who blindly and fanatically defended Islam. But after in-depth study of the Qur’an, I couldn’t see love or justice in the god of Islam. I called my friend and he told me about your satellite channel. I started to watch the programs and got to know and understand the character of God, whom I always longed to know. I thank God that He delivered me from Satan and called me out of darkness into His wonderful light." -Morocco

"I watch your show every Sunday in my cell, and your ministry has really blessed me a lot. I'm in serious trouble, and I’ve really messed things up for my life. I’ve come to the end of myself and accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior while in jail. I just love Jesus and what He’s done for me. Thank you again for your words of wisdom and encouragement." -Australia

"I was at the lowest point and darkest time of my life. Your support really helped me to get back up on my feet again." -Lebanon

Through your partnership, God’s Truth is going forth, transforming hearts and minds in Christ -- and God is orchestrating victorious moments and divine appointments all over the world.

This month, generous donors have given $500,000 to Leading The Way and are challenging you to match their gifts. With your help, $500,000 can become $1 million that will help us broadcast the Gospel 24/7, follow up on the ground, and help our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Will you join us in this timely mission?

"ISIS Opened My Eyes"

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef


In the past year, ISIS has become a household name. Every week we are hearing about bombings, kidnappings, and public Christian executions. But as we hear the name ISIS over and over again, there is something the media is not telling us -- something incredible: in these dangerous times, God is opening doors and softening hearts to the Gospel.

Samar* is an 18-year-old young woman from Saudi Arabia. Throughout her childhood, her life was steeped in Islamic tradition. But in her teens, she began to question the teachings of Islam. The horrifying violence of ISIS only reaffirmed her doubts.

Seeking the Truth, Samar decided to learn more about Christianity through our 24/7 satellite television channel. Her parents suspected she was watching Christian television, so they blocked our channel from their satellite receiver.

But by this time, Samar had already contacted our follow-up team. She said that she could be killed if her family discovered what she was doing, and she wanted to know for sure that Jesus was the Truth. “I’m not ready to die for something that might be a lie,” she said.

After eight months corresponding our follow-up team, Samar became convinced that Jesus was not merely a prophet, as the Qur’an claimed, but the living Son of God -- and she prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

“Now I am ready to die,” she said, “because it’s easy to die for the Truth.” Our follow-up coordinator later told us her courageous words moved him to tears.

She then shared this shocking statement: “I thank God for ISIS, because they opened my eyes.” Can you imagine being thankful for ISIS? Yet the atrocities of ISIS truly made Samar see the emptiness of Islam and look to Christian television for answers.

You won’t see these stories on the evening news, but God is at work. Yet, there is still so much more to do.

Right now, you can help us continue our work over the airwaves and on the ground. Generous donors have committed $500,000 to the outreach of Leading The Way and are challenging you to match their gifts this June.

Together, we can turn $500,000 into $1 million that can help not just share the Gospel, but also allow us to evangelize Muslims, disciple new believers on the ground, and provide practical support to Christians facing dangerous situations.

Will you prayerfully consider giving a gift today? While the secular media broadcasts only bad news from the Muslim world, with your support we will continue proclaiming the Good News.

Gratefully in Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

P.S. Be sure to watch this month’s television special, Testimonies of a Timely Mission, airing from June 21 to 27. In this special broadcast, my son Joshua and I will share more of Samar’s inspiring story and talk about all that your partnership is accomplishing in the region through Leading The Way. You won’t want to miss it.

*Name has been changed for her protection.

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Stories from the Frontlines

In areas where following Christ is truly a life-or-death decision, Leading The Way is not just proclaiming the uncompromised Truth—we are standing by those who believe it. To steward the Gospel message proclaimed over the airwaves, we are providing a support system on the ground to help new believers establish a solid foundation in Christ.

Through our 24/7 broadcasts, on-the-ground follow-up teams, and practical assistance to the persecuted, we are making a real difference every day in places both hard to reach and in our own backyards.

June Notes from Our Inbox

Each month Leading The Way receives correspondence from all over the world. Through emails, letters, SMS, and phone calls, viewers and listeners express share how God has touched them through our programming. We hope that this month’s notes from our inbox will be an encouragement to you and an answer to your prayers for Leading The Way.


“Thank you for your faithful, tender, hope-inspired teaching. Many times I have experienced crushing oppression. Yet when I listen to your teaching, the Holy Spirit speaks to my ailing heart. I pray and hope your ministry continues to enrich the lives of many.”


“I am a regular listener of Leading The Way. It was when I was going through a bout of depression that I started listening to this program. One day, when the preacher prayed at the end of the program, I prayed along and sincerely asked for a breakthrough in my life. It was amazing because I did feel better afterward. It was only the beginning, as there were a lot of pleasant surprises in store for me as I began to grow in my faith life. I truly believe that His grace is sufficient for me.”


“Rasheed (name changed for protection) is a very conservative man who respects and honors his traditional culture. One day, he turned on the TV and unintentionally came across Leading The Way’s satellite channel, THE KINGDOM SAT. Rasheed heard about peace, comfort, rest, and transformation, things he has always longed for. He kept hearing the word ‘Jesus Christ’ and wondered if He was the way and the truth. He started to watch the programs on a daily basis and realized that something was missing in his life—an emptiness that nothing could fill. He tried to talk to a friend who advised him to ignore what he had been hearing. Rasheed continued to hear more about Christ and decided to call the follow-up team. A member of our team met him and prayed with him. Rasheed gave his life to Christ and has the desire to serve Him and to live for Him.”


“I am originally from India, but God has blessed me with the call to serve in the United States. When I moved here it was very different for me. Sometimes I felt like everyone was staring at me and that I was different. In 2003, I saw Dr. Michael Youssef on TBN for the first time. Immediately I was drawn to him because he was different than the other ministers on TV. I was intrigued by his Egyptian heritage and straightforward presentation of the Word of God. I feel like he is one of my spiritual mentors as he has encouraged and challenged me continuously for all these years. I pray God’s strength for many more years of good health and ministry.”


“Thank you so much for standing beside me and supporting me. May the Lord bless your ministry and use you in the Middle East and North Africa.”

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