Why didn't my donation go through?

In order to ensure the security of donations processed by Leading The Way, we have stringent requirements in place to guard against fraudulent transactions. Here are some things that may prevent your donation from being processed:

  • Your donation was less than $5.00. Due to credit card processing fees and our desire to maximize financial stewardship, a minimum $5.00 credit card transaction is required to process your donation or purchase via credit card online. Donations or purchases for less than $5.00 can be mailed via check or money order to  Leading The Way at PO Box 20100, Atlanta, GA 30325.
  • You added spaces when inputting your credit card number.
  • The zip code you entered for your donation does not match the zip code on record with the credit card company.
  • The security code you entered for your donation is incorrect.
  • The expiration date you entered has passed or does not match what is on record with the credit card company.
  • Your credit card company has declined the charge.
  • The location of the computer you're using to attempt the donation is in a different country than the address on your credit card. 
  • During busy holiday seasons, credit card companies will likely decline a transaction that they determine is "out of character" for you as a fraud prevention device. If you are attempting to donate a large gift and your card was declined, please contact your card issuer's fraud prevention department. 

We recommend that you try to complete your donation again, ensuring that your zip code, address and security information match the information exactly on file with your card issuing bank. If you continue to experience difficulty with your donation, please contact us via email or call us at (800) 538-7677.

How do I submit my gifts to Leading The Way?

Checks can be mailed to:

Leading The Way
P.O. Box 20100
Atlanta, GA 30325

If giving via check, please be sure to make it payable to Leading The Way.

Another giving option is to give a one-time or recurring gifts online.

Who should I contact for a year-end tax receipt?

Please email us or call us at (800) 538-7677.

You may also mail your request to:

Leading The Way
PO Box 20100
Atlanta, GA 30325

What are Leading The Way's current funding needs?

Leading The Way currently requests gifts to be given to our general ministry fund (where most needed). Your financial gifts to Leading The Way's general ministry fund allow us to allocate your gift to the ministry channel that most needs it when we receive your gift.

However, if you are interested in designating your gift to a specific area of ministry—including International Evangelism & Outreach, Help The Persecuted, Muslim World Outreach, or Domestic Evangelism & Outreach—you are given that option on our donation form.

How is Leading The Way funded?