Leading the Way is a UK Registered Charity

As a registered Charity (number 1095661), Leading the Way provides a detailed report and financial statements each year to the Charity Commission. 

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Leading The Way is a member in good standing with the ECFA, an accreditation agency dedicated to helping Christian ministries earn the public's trust through seven stewardship standards. All ECFA members must annually submit membership review information, including audited financial statements, salary information, fundraising appeals, board composition, and organizing documents.

National Religious Broadcasters

Our broadcast and Internet ministry also is a member of NRB, an international association of Christian communicators representing more than 1,400 organizations. All members subscribe to the NRB Statement of Faith and Code of Ethics in their business practices.

Michael Youssef

Our No. 1 volunteer at Leading The Way is our president, Dr. Michael Youssef. Dr. Youssef receives no compensation from Leading The Way — he donates his time to the ministry as a labor of love to Christ's Great Commission. Michael Youssef also directs all income from his books to the ministry of Leading The Way.

Breakdown of Expenses

Leading The Way is very conservative and careful in its use of donations. More than 88 percent of all gifts go directly to ministry expenses. Just 8 percent of our income is used in fundraising, and only 3.5 percent is used for administrative costs.