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Watch our latest field update from Iraq:


What would you do if terrorists burned down your home because they knew you were a Christ-follower? If your husband was killed for his faith? If your family disowned you for being a Christian? Although many of us may never know what it's like to lose everything for the sake of the Gospel, there are millions who do. This is their daily reality. How can we help?

In 2011, Leading The Way established a special Help The Persecuted fund to respond directly to the urgent physical, financial, and ministerial needs of persecuted believers around the world. Joining our international broadcasting and personal follow-up through THE KINGDOM SAT and the Leading The Way NavigatorHelp The Persecuted was a natural addition to our holistic Gospel outreach to areas of the world where Christians are persecuted.

Recent cases through Help The Persecuted include:

  •  Supplying Christian refugee families with mattresses, hygiene kits, and food after their flight from ISIS in Iraq
  • Hosting a retreat for persecuted Christians affected by the war in Syria
  • Providing medical treatment for a North African family that was burned when a terrorist group set fire to their home
  • Subsidizing business and living expenses for new believers forced from their homes and jobs

The first gift distributed through Help The Persecuted was only $100, given to a man who had come to Christ through a Leading The Way broadcast and needed the money to move to another city after experiencing persecution in his hometown. That simple gift may have saved his life.

Join us as we continue the vital work of broadcasting the Truth of Christ into closed regions, establishing on-the-ground follow-up teams for personal encouragement and discipleship, and helping the persecuted in some of the darkest parts of the world. 

Help The Persecuted: How It All Began