Global Impact



The Leading The Way Navigator pocket missionary allows us to reach the most remote regions of the earth, places where radio signals do not reach and access to electricity and battery packs is limited at best, to share the life changing message of the Gospel.

The Leading The Way Navigator is a solar-powered mp3 audio player containing Dr. Youssef's Biblical teaching. Utilizing our dual-language technology to target the regional language of local people groups, we are able to put 50 sermons on a single device. The Navigator communicates the Gospel to the lost and aids new believers as they navigate through the Word of God. The Navigator pocket missionary also allows us to provide teaching to believers and underground churches in areas hostile to the Gospel, in the privacy of their own homes. In the last year, more than 5,000 Leading The Way Navigators, some containing Bibles in addition to Dr. Youssef's teachings, were distributed to more than 52 countries.  

Partner with us today as, together, we utilize emerging technologies to passionately proclaim uncompromising Truth. We are reaching individuals where they live. Your gift of $100 will help produce and distribute three Navigators.