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Thank you to the tens of thousands of men, women, boys and girls who joined with us to pray for America over the last four months. Our commitment to pray for this nation does not end, but continues on a daily basis. Please check back for continuing prayer requests for our nation and the world. 

National Day of Prayer

On the National Day of Prayer, I would like to share something I wrote during our God Save America campaign. I pray it is an encouragement to you both today and into the future as you pray for our nation.

There are hurting people all around us who are constantly searching for fulfillment and satisfaction. They are firmly convinced that the next relationship, financial windfall or personal achievement will provide the elusive fulfillment and satisfaction they are seeking.

God Save AmericaIf you listen to the media today, you would think this is a new phenomenon that has happened as a result of our fast-moving technological society. Not true. The desperation for fulfillment is as old as the Garden of Eden.

Hurting people are living next door to us. They are in the office down the hall. They are at the gym. They are in our schools and universities. On the outside, they may look like they have it together and are having a great time, but deep down they have an inner longing for fulfillment and the peace of mind that only Jesus can offer.

Jesus reaches out to these people through us. As the church, we are His body and we should be actively sharing the hope we have in Christ with those He has entrusted to us. Not only has He given us the honor of sharing with those next door, He has blessed us abundantly in this country to reach those around the world—some who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.

The answer to our national crisis and the crises we see around the world is not political. It is spiritual. People need the Savior and they need to hear about Him from His people. When hearts are changed, nations will follow.

I would like you to continue to pray with me that our churches will be lights for Christ to their communities and the nations. We have been entrusted with a great treasure and we must share it.

Thank you for continuing to pray with me for God to save America. You are truly a blessing to many.

In Him,

Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

Praying for Our Partners in Boston

As you know, Leading The Way broadcasts in many cities around our nation.  One such city is Boston – where Dr. Youssef is heard each afternoon at 5:30 on WEZE – The Word. 

Following yesterday’s terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon, we reached out to our friends at the station and we are praising God to hear all of the staff of WEZE and their families are safe, but obviously quite shaken.  We asked Pat Ryan, the station manager at WEZE, to share specifically how Leading The Way can pray for Boston and the people most directly impacted. She shared the following:

For our staff, please pray for the strength and courage to get through this trauma, so we may return to the comfort level we had prior to this terror attack.  Although the entire staff and our families are okay, some people feel a sense of alarm, at a heightened level, that we hope will be alleviated by pressing in on our good Lord. 

For the city of Boston, please pray that we as Americans and Bostonians can rise back up with our courage and strength. Pray we will not allow the terrorists to get their way. We must go on and continue the American way of FREEDOM in our lives. Ask God, in His infinite wisdom, to take this evil and make it into something good by winning souls to Christ!

Will you join with us in praying for Pat, her team and their families as they share the Truth of Christ in Boston and for the people of Boston as they rise up in the face of this tragedy?  We also ask you to pray for Leading The Way’s programs to be a light to the people of Boston during these dark days.


Continuing Prayer for Newtown, Connecticut

We continue to pray for the people of Newtown, Connecticut today.  We are asking the Lord for His loving comfort, strength, guidance and care. We pray that they would cry out to to the Lord in their anguish and take refuge in Him alone.


Put Your Full Faith in Christ

I have received messages of concern for our nation’s future.  As you know, we have been diligent in praying for God’s will to be done and the decision has been made. That does not mean we stop praying. No matter how you feel about the leadership of our country, they are our leaders and we must pray for them.  We must continue to be diligent in praying for a spiritual revival in our nation—truly our greatest need.

One thing I sense in the messages I am receiving is fear. We must guard against this fear because we know “God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7).

Still, the storm is very real and the waves are imposing. Jesus has not left us guessing about what we should do in the face of rough weather. In fact, the disciples encountered a treacherous sea storm detailed for us in Matthew 8. Even though they physically had Jesus with them, they let their circumstances drive them to fear.

The storm set in suddenly. Not only did the disciples face the dangers of the rough waters, but they were surrounded by darkness as well. There were no life jackets. There were no life boats. They felt they were at the mercy of the great storm.

In a panic, they called for Jesus crying, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!” (Matthew 8:25). As Jesus woke from His sleep, He did not instantly calm the storm. Instead, He asked the disciples, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” (Matthew 8:26). Only after His rebuke did He calm the wind and waves.

Many times, we want God to fix our problems instantly. We want the raging waters around us to cease immediately. Yet, sometimes in the middle of the crashing waves, God has a word for us. He wants to deepen our faith and to encourage growth in Him before He intervenes. He wants us to follow in faith—no matter how dark our circumstances seem.

When Jesus spoke to the disciples, He acknowledged that their fears were great and their faith was little. The relationship between faith and fear is like a seesaw. When one is up, the other is down. So when we allow fear to rise, our faith will decline. But the opposite is true as well. When we increase our faith, our fear will fall.

Jesus wasn’t talking about our saving faith, but our daily living faith. Our saving faith remains constant, but our daily living faith rises and falls according to the strength of our relationship with God. When we are not in constant intimacy with God, the first storm that hits will create fear and panic. When we give God the crumbs of our time and attention, our faith and understanding in Him will weaken.

Faith that conquers fear depends on absolute trust in God. It is the kind of faith that has an open heart to whatever God provides for us. It is a faith that is manifested as an utter dependence on the sovereignty of God. When we live by faith, we know that even when the storm is at its worst, we can trust that God is working out His purposes for us.

When Jesus rebuked the disciples for their lack of faith, He was referring to their failure to trust Him in this practical situation. How often do we trust God with our eternal souls, yet not our daily needs? God wants us to trust Him not only with our salvation, but also with our relationships, our resources, and our futures. He wants to see our professed faith in action. He wants us to put our complete trust in Him for every detail of our lives.

When we walk closely with God and trust Him daily, our faith in Christ will conquer our fears. When we focus on God, fear fades into the background. At the first sign of fear, our plan of action should be seeking God in prayer.

No matter what we face, I will continue to put my full faith and trust in Jesus Christ and will continue to proclaim His Truth here at home and around the world.  He is my salvation and my hope—as He is yours.

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