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Pray for Dr. Youssef and the Australian Tour

This month Dr. Michael Youssef will be traveling around Australia speaking at three different evangelistic events in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. He will be answering the question, “What is the value of your soul?”

Please join us in prayer for:

  • God to use Dr. Youssef to minister in transformative ways at these events.
  • God to draw people to hear His Truth at these events and that He would be glorified and praised as He alone deserves.
  • God’s people to be bold in inviting their friends, family, and co-workers to hear the Gospel of grace.
  • God’s grace for each prayer counselor ministering at these events and connecting people to local churches for further discipleship.

Thank you for lifting up Dr. Youssef and our Australian friends in prayer. For more information about the event, please visit

Pray for Our Broadcasts

Leading The Way proclaims the Gospel to more than 190 countries in 25 languages. Here's how you can pray for our media outreach:

  • The good seed of the Gospel to fall on ready hearts as Dr. Michael Youssef's messages go forth via radio, TV, the Internet, mobile apps, THE KINGDOM SAT, Navigators, and print resources (Matthew 13:23).
  • People in closed countries to have access to the Gospel through our 24/7 satellite television channel, THE KINGDOM SAT.
  • Rapid sharing of our Navigator solar-powered devices throughout remote villages, prisons, and in refugee camps.
  • Impact listeners in all 24 languages we broadcast, from Albanian to Mandarin to Urdu—and fruitful outreach through our newly-released 25th language, Swahili.

Thank you for praying for the media outreach of Leading The Way.

To learn more about how you can pray for the ministry, download our free prayer bookmark.

Pray for Our On-the-Ground Teams

Leading The Way has dedicated follow-up coordinators in 13 locations around the world from North America to North Africa, following up with listeners of our dual-language radio programs and viewers of our satellite television channel. As they minister in closed countries, please pray for:

  • Protection and discernment as they evangelize and disciple listeners and viewers in dangerous places.
  • An increase in resources to expand ministry teams in the Muslim world.
  • New believers to grow in Christ and remain faithful to the Gospel as they receive personal ministry and connect with local or underground churches.
  • Praise and thanks for the incredible salvations we are seeing through on-the-ground follow-up.

Thank you for praying for our teams as they serve on the frontlines of ministry.

Ramadan Prayer Guide

This prayer guide comes from one of our partners on the ground in the Arab world, a Christian and former Muslim.

Ramadan, fasting month in Islam, begins today in most countries. Please remember to pray for Muslims to see the light of Jesus and for new believers to stand strong against all challenges they face during this month.

Muslims believe that the Qur’an was given as a revelation during this month. They believe that evil spirits are bound in this month. Thus, nearly everyone, including nominal Muslims, become faithful in the Muslim ritual prayers during Ramadan. They fast from the first light of dawn until sunset without eating or drinking anything all day.

Muslims believe these 30 days of Ramadan are divided into 3 parts:

  1. First 10 days: A time of forgiveness when Allah forgives sins.
  2. Second 10 days: A period of mercy when Allah shows his mercy to faithful Muslims.
  3. Third 10 days: A period of escape from hell when God delivers those who do Ramadan well.

Muslims try very hard to do the ritual prayers and fasting to obtain these rewards, doing many things only to go to heaven, but not out of a love for God.

The life of the believers in Christ is also greatly impacted during this month. Many believers live at home with their family who are Muslims. Thus, they cannot eat at home or at any public place. New believers in particular face many tribulations. For this reason, please pray for the following points:

  • Believers to stand strong and boldly seize opportunities to share about God’s love for them through Christ in a manner that Muslims can see their need for Him.
  • New believers to have wisdom in responding to questions like “Are you fasting?” or “Why aren’t you coming with us?” from friends, family, and the community.
  • Muslims to see that their works are insufficient for being made right before a Holy God.
  • Muslims tuning in to our satellite programs to have a true thirst for God, to seek the Truth, and to ask for God’s forgiveness through Christ.

During Ramadan people often call our satellite channel to insult believers. Pray for those responding to these calls to be full of the Spirit and able to respond with boldness, without fear and full of Christ’s love for them.

Thank you for your prayers.

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