From the Frontlines: A Q&A with Ash

Muslim Outreach

From North America to North Africa, Leading The Way employs on-the-ground teams to follow-up with our listeners and viewers. Our new MY Journal column, From the Frontlines, shares a behind-the-scenes look at what these teams are doing every day.

MEET ASH, Leading The Way’s North American Follow-up Coordinator. As a former Muslim from the Middle East, Ash knows how to minister to Muslims who contact us to learn more about the Gospel.

How did God lead you to this role at Leading The Way?

My connection with Leading The Way started even before I came to Christ. Around 1997, I listened to Dr. Youssef’s dual-language radio programs to learn English. As a Muslim and somebody who never read the Bible, Dr. Youssef’s teaching was very practical. After more than a year of listening to Christian programs and debating with God, I came to Christ.

I never thought I would be part of Leading The Way, but in 2010, I began helping my mentor, George, answer the emails, Facebook messages, and phone calls coming in from Leading The Way’s satellite channel -- following up with viewers who either want to learn more about Christ or attack Christianity. I also maintain relationships with our Arabic broadcast partners within North America.

Muslim Outreach

What is one of your most memorable follow-up experiences?

There is a guy from Libya who followed up with us for about eight months. After experiencing intense persecution, he fled the country and started a church in Turkey. He did not just accept Christ for himself, but is spreading the Good News and leading other believers from a Muslim background. I think for those of us who come from a Muslim background, the grace and mercy of Christ becomes the motivation to share the hope and Good News of Jesus’ salvation with our own nation.

How can our partners be praying for Leading The Way follow-up teams?

Our follow-up team is spread throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and North America. For some, there is freedom to do follow-up work. For others, it’s really tough. Security and safety for our teams and their families is number one. For our audience, there is also fear of what their families or communities will do if they come to Christ. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open their minds and give them the courage to contact our team.

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Can Revival Begin with a Faithful Few?

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef

Throughout history, nations have been blessed by godly individuals. God blessed Egypt because of Joseph. He blessed Babylon because of Daniel. He blessed Persia because of Esther. From ancient Israel to the Great Awakenings in America and England, national repentance always precedes national revival.

Is it possible for a Christian minority to be a catalyst for national renewal? Not only is it possible -- it actually happened not long ago in Egypt, the country of my birth.

In January 2011, the Arab world was shaken by a season of uprisings called the Arab Spring. Egyptian president Mubarak was deposed and replaced by Morsi, an autocratic leader backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi granted himself unlimited power and unleashed chaos. Churches were fire-bombed. Christians were killed in the streets. The police refused to protect the Christian minority.

Across the land, an estimated 4 million Egyptian Christians held round-the-clock prayer meetings. Like the widow who besieged the judge in the parable of Luke 18, they told God, "We’re not letting You go until You save our nation!" God loves it when His children come boldly before His throne of grace -- and He answered their prayer in a dramatic way.

On June 30, 2013, protests erupted across Egypt. The BBC reported up to 33 million protesters thronging the streets. Morsi was arrested and Defense Minister al-Sisi later became president of Egypt. He has been kind toward Christians and has restored a sense of religious freedom. Although he is not a Christian, I believe his leadership is a tangible answer to prayer.

What if we followed the Egyptian example? What if we prayed around the clock, repenting of sin and asking God to bless our land? What if we asked God to draw millions to Himself? And what if He sent godly shepherds to the Supreme Court, the White House, Congress, and our state and local governments?

The options are clear: we can turn away and ignore the crumbling of our nation’s Biblical foundation -- or we can act! Will you join with me in praying for a spiritual revival on American soil? Will you partner with Leading The Way as we actively sow into the harvest field here at home?

Revival begins with a faithful few. May it begin with you and me.

Your partner in the Gospel,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

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Laying a Foundation of Truth

Satan is working overtime trying to destroy the church from the inside out. The very foundational beliefs of the church are crumbling today, and the first casualty has been the Truth.

In 2 Timothy 4:3-4 we hear a painfully accurate description of our day: “The time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

Similarly, Jude’s epistle sounds an alarm, warning the church of the consequences of disregarding God’s Truth for more palatable messages and allowing lies to infiltrate the church. Jude knew that Christians had to be ready to do battle against unbiblical teaching in order to keep the church pure.

This warning is just as relevant today as mainline churches dilute Biblical Truth to make it more appealing, user-friendly, and comfortable. Sin is defined as a ‘lifestyle choice’ and those who cling to God’s Truth are labeled intolerant. However, only God’s Truth can offer eternal life and spiritual victory.

To be effective against false teaching, you must first know and believe the Truth. Take a moment to read the short letter of Jude.

God is the author and source of all Truth. Some churches, however, are flying the banner of man-made theology and attracting hordes of people by blurring the lines of Truth. The message is intentionally kept ambiguous in order to avoid alienating anyone who might find Biblical teachings challenging or counter to their lifestyle. This new version of the church is adapting the Christian faith to culture instead of calling the culture to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Truth is objective, not subjective. It is absolute, not a sliding scale. The consequence of tolerating ‘small exceptions’ to Biblical Truth is eventual and complete departure from the Truth, which has eternal consequences.

The ultimate Truth that cannot be compromised is that Jesus is our eternal hope. There are not many paths to God; there is only one and that is through Jesus Christ, God’s son, who died for us. Jesus Himself told us in John 14:6: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This Truth is unequivocal, unambiguous, and unavoidable.

Truth is something that God has entrusted to us (Jude 1:3). If we dilute the Truth in order to draw people into our churches, what do we really offer them? It is not our job to make the Truth more attractive or politically correct; it is our job to love people by remaining faithful to God and His Word. The Holy Spirit will do the rest.

Have you ever been made to feel intolerant or unloving because you held fast to God’s Word? If you contend for the faith by lovingly telling others the undiluted Truth they need, you may encounter criticism or rejection. What are you willing to endure in order to share Truth with others in your family, workplace, or neighborhood?

God is sufficient to give you wisdom in these areas if you only ask. Look to the Word of God as you approach each decision. Pray that God will strengthen you to contend for the faith in your home, work, and community. Ask for the ability to discern and defend Truth in a secular world. And pray for the boldness to communicate the Good News of His love.

The foundation we lay today will impact the generations to come. If we think there is safety in saying nothing, the next generation will pay the penalty of our silence. But if we speak the Truth lovingly and without compromise, the next generation will reap the benefits of our faithfulness.

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