Jesus, Jihad and Peace: Answered Prayers



Since its release, Dr. Michael Youssef’s new book, Jesus, Jihad and Peace, has sold more than 15,000 copies – making it his fastest selling book to date. Over the last month, many of you have shared your stories with Leading The Way - testimonies of how God is using this timely book to bring Biblical clarity to world events, to provide opportunities to share the Gospel, and to ignite your prayers for the Middle East as well as our own nation.

From the pastor distributing hundreds of copies to his congregation, to the couple who has used the book to share the Gospel with their Iranian friend - these stories are answered prayers, and we are so grateful for all those who are continuing to spread the word about Jesus, Jihad and Peace.

Shortly after the release of the book, Dr. Youssef addressed an audience of Christian media professionals with a powerful message on the topic of Islam and how we are called to respond to the rising tide of Islamic fundamentalism. We hope you’ll watch it and be encouraged in your partnership with Leading The Way and empowered to share God’s Truth with those around you.

Thank you for your support of Leading The Way as we continue to passionately proclaim uncompromising Truth 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at this crucial time in history.

For more interviews and media appearances with Dr. Youssef, visit our Events & Appearances page.



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Jesus Is the Answer

It seems that every week, we hear another heartbreaking story of young people who are unexpectedly leaving everything behind to join ISIS. Through edgy videos and a strategic social media presence, ISIS' goals are very clear: they are intentionally targeting young people.

In praying and planning for 2015, one of Leading The Way's goals for the new year was to create  more content for children and teens through THE KINGDOM SAT, the ministry's satellite channel broadcasting the Gospel deep into the Muslim world. As Islamic extremists continue to target young audiences, it is imperative that we also be intentional about sharing the hope of Christ with the same people extremists are attempting to radicalize and manipulate.

"Jesus Is the Answer" is one example of the content THE KINGDOM SAT is airing. The lyrics of this powerful Tunisian song, some of which you can read below, were intended by the songwriter to serve a dual purpose:

  1. To reach the lost who may be going through a difficult time.
  2. To encourage Christians, specifically former Muslims who have converted to Christianity and are experiencing persecution, alienation, or loneliness because of their faith.

While the message itself is impactful for listeners of any age, the song style will resonate most with young audiences.

Please pray with us that God will use this video to minister to young audiences who are in desperate need of the hope that only Christ can bring.

Jesus is the answer
Jesus is the hope
You, who want to commit suicide
Feel that your spirit is below zero
You wish to get into a tomb (to die)
He is the Way, The Truth and the Life
He was crucified and died for you
He was raised from the dead to give you life
You, who are poor in spirit, desperate and sad
You, who are dismayed and have no hope
Jesus is extending His hands to you
You, who found all doors locked before you
Where you go, you get insulted and humiliated
You look alive while you are dead
You look covered up but in fact you are naked
You feel that you are not a human being any more
You, who are lost and burdened
You, who get all kinds of blame
You, who feel subjugated and oppressed
The Lord tells you, “Stand up now! Stand up now!”
You maybe lived your life in hiding
Satan may deceive you and say,
“Too late. With me you will live. Without me you find death.”
My Lord tells you, “I am here. I exist”

Two Spiritual Challenges, One Solution: 24/7

From the desk of Dr. Michael Youssef


What if you could evangelize the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even while you slept? What if you could take the Good News to people in remote places where the borders are closed to missionaries?

As I reflect on the state of the world today, I see two great spiritual challenges set before us. I see today’s church swayed by ideas that stand in direct opposition to God’s Word, and I see the spreading influence of Islamic ideology as never before. But the solution to both is the same: we must share God's Truth lovingly and fearlessly, day and night, until Jesus comes back.

For this reason, the sun never sets on the ministry of Leading The Way. Around the clock, in every time zone, the Gospel is going forth 4,300 times a week to more than 190 countries through our global broadcasts, personal on-the-ground follow-up teams, and Help The Persecuted ministry.



I believe that God, by His grace, has placed this ministry on the frontlines of the spiritual battlefield of today to equip the Western world with Biblical Truth and to share the Good News of Jesus with the Muslim world. This month, will you consider joining us on the frontlines of this mission? I encourage you to ask God how you might be a part of this 24/7 outreach and respond to His call, however He leads you.

In Christ,


Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

Give to Leading The Way

The History of Leading The Way's Outreach to the Muslim World

In 1996, Leading The Way began broadcasting the Gospel into the Muslim world through dual-language radio broadcasts. Now, the ministry is reaching deep into the Middle East and North Africa, proclaiming Biblical Truth to more than 160 million Arabic-speaking homes. Here's a look at the expansion of Leading The Way's outreach in the Muslim world within the last 20 years:

Through our 24/7 satellite channel THE KINGDOM SAT, continued dual-language radio broadcasts, solar-powered Navigator devices, personal on-the-ground follow-up with Muslims and new Christians, and direct support through our Help The Persecuted ministry, the hope of Christ is going forth in hard-to-reach places.

Your gifts to Leading The Way allow us to continue broadcasting, following up, and helping the persecuted in the Muslim world. With each gift you give, the Kingdom is advancing - even to places where the borders are closed to missionaries. Join us in prayerful and financial support for this fruitful work.

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