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Jesus The Only (Booklet)
Pray for Viewers of THE KINGDOM SAT

Since 2009, Leading The Way's satellite television channel THE KINGDOM SAT has been broadcasting Gospel Truth into the Muslim world. Our teams continue to follow up with these viewers daily to provide encouragement and Biblical counsel to those who have questions about the Christian faith.

Here are some of the most recent prayer requests coming in from THE KINGDOM SAT:

"M" is a convert from Jordan who has been discipled by our follow-up teams and was baptized. She has been under pressure from her family and requested prayers to find a job outside of Jordan. Her mother has been threatening to kill her and is carefully watching her. Please lift her up in prayer.

"U" from Egypt has many questions about Christianity and the Bible. He has been texting us but is afraid to meet the follow-up team. Please pray that he will see God's love for him.

"A" from Algeria is a convert who has been contacting us for a while. He feels lonely after his family left him because of his faith. He requested prayers for his wife to know Christ and for his protection. He wants to get baptized soon.

Please continue to pray for all the refugees who are tuning in to THE KINGDOM SAT for encouragement, hope, and Truth. Pray that God will use this channel to draw many more to Him and to comfort those who have lost everything.

Thank you for your prayers.

New from Dr. Michael Youssef

Seven hundred years before the birth of Christ, the prophet Isaiah foretold of His coming using these names: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. But what do these names mean for us today? And what will they mean when Christ returns again?

Dr. Michael Youssef's new Jesus The Only Advent devotional booklet is designed not only to prepare your heart for the Christmas season, but also for Christ's coming reign. With 25 reflections on the character of Christ, you'll grow in your knowledge of who God is and what that means -- past, present, and future.

This month, the Jesus The Only booklet is available for your gift of any amount to Leading The Way. Request a copy along with your gift this month before Advent begins -- and before Dr. Youssef's Jesus The Only teaching series begins on TV, radio, and at the end of the month.

Your donation will help Leading The Way continue to passionately proclaim the Truth of Christ -- and you'll receive a booklet that is a great family Bible study resource and an excellent tool for sharing the Gospel.

ISIS Forced Them Out. You Helped Us Reach Them.

"We left everything behind."

In June 2014, ISIS became a household name. But where did they come from? And what is life like for the more than 3 million refugees who have fled them?

In the last year, Leading The Way has provided direct support to thousands of Christians directly affected by ISIS persecution and shared the hope of Christ with Syrian and Iraqi refugees through the broadcasts of our 24/7 satellite channel, THE KINGDOM SAT.

These are real people with real stories. Watch ISIS: Chaos & Hope to learn more about the radical group known as ISIS and see firsthand accounts from the refugees you have helped us reach.

Help us continue these efforts by sharing this video with friends and family, and consider a generous gift to help Leading The Way continue providing spiritual hope and practical help through our 24/7 broadcasts, personal follow-up, and Help The Persecuted ministry.

Remember, Prepare, and Anticipate: Identifying with the Psalmist As We Hope in the Messiah

The writers of the Psalms predicted with accuracy the coming of the Lord Jesus. Now that our Savior has come, what do the prophecies about Him mean for us today? How can we relate to these psalmists who spoke of Jesus 1,000 years before His birth when we are living 2,000 years after?

The psalmists were people just like us. They had warring emotions. On the one hand, courage when facing the enemies of God; on the other, utter despair before God. On the one hand, exuberant confidence in the presence of God; on the other, entreating cries to God to fulfill His promises. Can you identify with that? These Messianic psalms show us how to look to God for answers.

The psalmists remind us that, while Christ has come, there is yet a more glorious day—when He comes again. They encourage us to remember the past, prepare in the present, and joyfully anticipate our future.


In Psalm 27, David’s fear turns to courage as he remembers the past. He recalls how God forgave all his sins and brought light into his darkness. Because David had experienced the faithfulness of God first-hand, he knew deep down that God could never reject him nor forsake him. So he waited on the Lord, being confident that God would come through for him.

Like David, when we look back in Scripture, we see God unfold His faithful plan to bring peace and salvation to us. Like David, we remember. We remember that Jesus saved us and is preparing a place for us even now.


The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the bridegroom and the bride is His church from every tribe, tongue, and nation. As the bride of Christ, our role is to prepare for the Lord’s return. Psalm 47 says that the day is coming when the name of the Lord will be lifted high throughout all the earth. Why? Because His faithful children are obeying His commission. Because faithful people are taking the Gospel message to the ends of the earth. What should we do now as the people of God?  We are to live as willing servants who allow Christ to reign over our hearts, minds, and lives, and call others to do the same as we prepare in the present for our future glory in Christ.


Psalm 87 predicts that God’s people will come to Him, to His heavenly city, from every corner of the globe. What a promise that we can anticipate with joy and thanksgiving! In Psalm 45:14-15, the bride (us!) is “led in with joy and gladness to the palace of the king.” The psalmist urges us to look forward to this future, seeing who we are, who we will be, and where we will be for eternity.

So let us remember what Christ has done for us. Let us joyfully anticipate and prepare for His return. And let us pray, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

Persecuted, But Not Abandoned

This article is an excerpt from our Annual Report. Read the full report online for more testimonies of God's amazing work this year through your partnership with Leading The Way.

June 10: the date is etched in Sajed's memory. It's a date he will never forget because it's the day his hometown of Mosul became part of the Islamic State. ISIS had given Christians three options: pay a crippling fine and live under ISIS rule, convert to Islam, or be killed.

"We left our jobs, houses, cars, and everything we had for the sake of Jesus' name," Sajed said. "We were not ready to forsake Jesus' name for anything."

With the sun beating down on them, and with no food or water, they traveled 11 hours to Erbil, found a way to get visas, and fled to Jordan, where they lived in a church hall with 110 other people.

"We suffered," Sajed said, "but we were joyful because all of this was for the name of Jesus Christ."

Sajed and his family now receive funding from Leading The Way for living expenses and medical expenses. With a recent kidney transplant, Sajed needs to take expensive medication on time so that his body does not reject his new kidney -- medication he could no longer afford until God provided through Help The Persecuted.

"We lost everything because of ISIS," Sajed says. "They persecuted us, killed us, and forced us to leave with only the clothes on our backs. But now I'm ready to forgive ISIS. And that's all by the grace of the Lord."

This year, Leading The Way distributed more grants to persecuted Christians than in all previous years combined, providing help to recipients across 12 countries. Through the life-giving support of Help The Persecuted, God is strengthening our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. And in turn, we are learning from them as they continue to run the race of faith with great hope and endurance -- a picture of a victorious church in the midst of chaos.

"The Lord has sent kind people into our lives," Sajed says. "He will not forget us."

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