Jesus, Jihad and Peace

Understanding Islam.

Equipping The Church.


Join fellow Christians and church leaders* as we explore Islam, the Qur’an, and current events in light of the uncompromising Truth of the Gospel. We face a radical enemy, but Jesus’ love is radical—far-reaching, life-changing, relentless, and profound. We look forward to equipping you to radically love Muslims and effectively reach them for Christ. You will leave this event with:

Insights Into Islam
  • Solid insights on the history and beliefs of Islam
  • Inside knowledge of the unprecedented move of God happening in the Muslim world today
  • Confidence to befriend and share Christ with Muslims in your community

Additional resources are available for further learning, including Leading The Way’s Insights into Islam guide.

Cost: FREE – no cost to host

*Note: This is not an evangelistic event for Muslims.

Maged Atalla Speaker Maged Atalla, Leading The Way’s Senior Director of Ministry Outreach, spent the majority of his life in Egypt under an Islamic regime. Drawing on years of academic study, evangelism experience, and discipleship training, Maged will explain the Islamic worldview and how to effectively share the Gospel with Muslims. 

You Will Learn:


The Basics of Islam

The core teachings of Islam and how to share the Gospel with Muslims
Cross and Flame

how god is moving

Testimonies and reports of God's saving work among Muslims today

the truth behind the headlines

A Biblical perspective on current events and the spiritual battle at hand

Presentation Offerings

**Presentation offerings are flexible based on church's needs.**


An in-depth 3-hour presentation featuring two sessions followed by a Q&A.


A 1-hour presentation ending with a Q&A.

I learned more about Islam in the last 2 hours listening to your presentation than I have in the last 20 years.