Episode 212: The Caller, The Called, and The Calling: Erin Johnson

We all wrestle with questions of purpose, calling, and how to align with God’s will for our lives. The age-old adage says, 'A calling is given to the called by a Caller.' But what does that mean? How do we identify our purpose? And most importantly, how do we teach these values to young adults who are on the brink of life-defining decisions?

Jonathan's guest for today's candid conversation is Erin Forrest Johnson. Erin brings a unique blend of experience as a Founding Principle of the executive recruiting firm, Forest Johnson Consulting, her hands-on training as a mother of four, and her incredible zeal for discipleship. Erin has not only lived her calling but has also penned a comprehensive guide titled The Caller, The Called and The Calling: A 100-Day Guide to Understanding Your Purpose, which is an excellent resource for teenagers, college students, young adults, and even their mentors.

This inspiring and informative book, released today, is woven with scriptural insights over a span of 100 days. It seeks to provide a much-needed biblical perspective on career choices and the larger role we all play in the redemptive Gospel narrative.

Whether you are a young adult seeking direction, a mentor guiding someone, or simply curious about life's purpose and calling, today's episode is just for you.

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