Episode 133: Never Give Up: Michael Youssef

As false teachers tear down Biblical morals and many deconstruct their faith, how are believers to respond? 

Jonathan Youssef welcomes his father, Dr. Michael Youssef, to Candid to discuss his new book, Never Give Up: Holding Fast to Biblical Truth in Times of Danger and Despair. Together, they discuss Paul's writings to Timothy and the Church in 2 Timothy, an incredible encouragement for us to hold fast to Biblical Truth in the face of opposition and during difficult times. 

Listen today to be built up in your faith in God and His Word so that you can take a stand for Truth in the midst of opposition and personal trials.  The victory is yours in Christ!

If you would like to order Never Give Up, it is available now at LTW.org for your gift of any amount to the ministry of Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef.  

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