Episode 160: Is Mormonism Just Another Branch of Christianity?: Dave Hubbard

The Mormon faith seems shrouded in mystery. Is it another branch of Christianity? Do we believe the same things about Jesus? If not, where do we differ?

Join Jonathan as he sits down with Dave Hubbard for a deeper dive into the theological differences of Christianity and Mormonism. Dave grew up as a Christian in California but was an All-American collegiate athlete at Brigham Young University. He went on to play in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints. After the NFL, Dave went into full-time Christian ministry in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Dave has served as an associate pastor in California, Oregon, Colorado, and Georgia. He currently serves as Small Group Ministry Assistant and Local Ministry Connections Pastor at The Church of The Apostles in Atlanta.

In this episode, Dave shares what it was like to be a devout Christian attending and playing football for a Mormon institution like Brigham Young University. During his time there, he did a deep dive into the Mormon faith and he shares his unique insight with us today.

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