Episode 162: Counting On Christ: Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo

You might remember TLC’s popular hit TV show 19 Kids and Counting. The show followed the Duggar family, devout Christians who offered 2.3 million viewers a glimpse into life with 19 children. Each episode chronicled the joys and challenges of raising children—from toddlers to teens and from courting to marriage.  

On this episode of Candid, Jonathan welcomes Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo. They share about their upbringing. Jeremy talks about life as a pastor's kid with a passion for soccer that led to him becoming a professional soccer player and Jinger offers insight into her upbringing in the Duggar family in the public eye on a reality show. They both share how they came to know Christ, how they met, the theological differences they had to work through with their families, and how they graciously navigated those waters. Now married with two girls, Jeremy and Jinger have a new book out for children, You Can Shine So Bright.

We hope this episode encourages you in your walk, in your dating life if you are single, and even as a parent as you strive to shepherd your children’s hearts toward Christ.

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