Episode 170: Where is God in Seasons of Sorrow?: Tim Challies

The holiday season is here – a  time of year filled with joy, tradition, faith, and nostalgia–but also a season of sorrow for so many.  Where is God in seasons of sorrow?

Whether you are grieving the death of a loved one, a lost relationship, an unsaved family member, or an unfulfilled dream, today’s Candid Conversation guest will minister powerfully to you. 

Author, blogger, pastor, and theologian, Tim Challies recently released a new book, Seasons of Sorrowa real-time, first-person, present-tense series of reflections on the pain that comes with loss and the comfort that God alone can provide. 

Join Tim and Jonathan as they discuss what Godly grief looks like and how we can keep moving forward through deep seasons of sorrow through faith in Christ. 

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