Episode 198: Caring for the Vulnerable: Jessica Mathisen

Hearing about the pressing need for compassionate arms and welcoming homes to accommodate vulnerable children in foster care is heart-wrenching. There are over 11,500 children in foster care in Georgia alone, with a staggering 391,000 nationwide. As believers, how do we help care for the vulnerable? 

May marks National Foster Care Month, and to honor this, Jonathan is joined by author and Bible teacher Jessica Mathisen. Propelled by the desire to expand her own family, Jessica answered the call to become a foster mom. She and her husband have provided a loving home for six foster children and she has written two books, Praying for Your Foster Children and Fostering Prayer:  A 40 Day Guide For Foster Parents, to help guide foster parents in prayer. In this meaningful discussion, Jonathan and Jessica delve into what it truly takes to foster children - and no, you don't have to be a "super" Christian to make a difference!

We invite you to tune into this enlightening episode. Jessica shares her journey and provides valuable advice for prospective foster parents. She encourages the church community to support foster families in their congregations. Finally, she explores the theme of trusting in the Lord with the unknown aspects of our future - yes, even when it comes to expanding our families.

To follow Jessica's journey:

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Praying for your Foster Children: A 30 Day Guide

Overwhelming Hope: How the Spirit Brings Peace to Our Storms

Already Chosen: Loving Your Life in the Midst of Longing

Proverbs 31: A Life of Truth and Grace

Choosing Contentment: A Four Week Guide to Dropping Comparison and Embracing Gratitude

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