Episode 199: How 20 Minutes Can Impact Your Child's Spirituality: Tyler Van Halteren

In this episode of Candid, Jonathan welcomes Tyler Van Halteren, a man with a deep-rooted commitment to enriching the lives of children and youth through the power of Christian faith and storytelling. Tyler, a Master's Divinity graduate from the Master's Seminary, has dedicated most of his life to sharing the teachings of Christ and the wisdom of the Bible through storytelling.

From serving as an Associate Pastor at Gorrie Bible Fellowship in his home country of Canada, to teaching at Phnom Penh Bible School in Cambodia, Tyler's journey has been one of service and exploration. But it was the profound impact of 20-minute bedtime stories on his own son that sparked an innovative idea in him - why not blend the charm of bedtime stories with enduring lessons from the Bible?

Taking up this challenge, Tyler founded Lithos Kids in 2020. His venture was no less than a mission to transform the world through biblically faithful and beautifully illustrated children's books. The launch of his first book, 'Little Pilgrim's Big Journey', on Kickstarter was a resounding success, exceeding its funding goal by 500%.  It quickly became a treasured children's book and Little Pilgrim's Big Journey, Volume 2 was released shortly after and Little Pilgrims Big Journey, Volume 3 is releasing soon. 

Now, as a father and an author, he continues his mission from southern Ontario, Canada, where he resides with his growing family. 

Join us as we dive into this inspiring journey with Tyler, discussing the importance of spiritual mentorship, the creative process behind his illustrated books, and his vision for instilling Christian values in young minds.

This is an episode you don't want to miss, especially if you're a parent, an educator, or anyone interested in spiritual growth and innovative approaches to faith-based education. Be sure to tune in!

Books by Tyler Van Halteren:

Little Pilgrim's Big Journey Volume 1

Little Pilgrim's Big Journey, Volume 2

Little Pilgrim's Big Journey, Voume 3, Pre-Order

Kingdom of God Storybook Bible

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