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Standing Firm in the Face of Criticism

There is not a single person alive who has not faced the sting of unfair criticism. Although we can reach a stage of spiritual maturity where we are better able to manage the pain and forgive an injury, only a person with ice water in his veins could say that criticism doesn’t hurt. In today's devotional, we discover the secret to standing firm in the Gospel in the face of criticism.

If you would like more insight into today’s devotional topic, watch or listen to Dr. Michael Youssef’s sermon series Until Christ Returns: Living Confidently in Turbulent TimesLISTEN NOWWATCH NOW

This devotional is excerpted from Dr. Michael Youssef’s compelling book Fearless Living in Troubled Times. To equip you to face global instability and personal crises, Dr. Youssef unpacks the powerful hope found in 1 and 2 Thessalonians—Paul's letters to believers living in a hostile world. Explore what it means to live fearlessly in a day when people desperately need to see your unwavering faith.

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