On the path to extremism, Najib encountered the radical love of Jesus Christ.

Praying, fasting, reading the Qur’an—from a young age, Najib grew up like any other Muslim in Egypt. But during his adolescence, he found himself on a dangerous path. His testimony is a story of God’s relentless pursuit, His ability to soften the hardest of hearts, and Leading The Way’s role in God’s grander plan.

Radical Love

"My whole life changed—from ignorance and backwardness to light and truth; from hatred to love; from insecurity and constant stress to peace that fills my heart."

“All the teaching was blood, fighting, killing, and violence. There was no forgiveness, no mercy,” Najib said.

Although he grew up in a traditional Muslim family, as a young teen Najib found himself ensnared in the dangerous ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“I became a kind of extremist,” he said, “[but] I found a voice inside me telling me that what I was doing was wrong—something pulling me away from Islam.”

Najib began combing through the Qur’an for answers. He went to three sheikhs, but each one evaded his questions. He retreated from the Islamic community. He stopped fasting, praying, and going to the mosque. He stopped acknowledging God’s existence entirely.

“I felt life was darkening before me,” he said. “The hatred inside me was evident. When people looked at me, it was as if they had seen the devil himself. They were so afraid of me.”

Then, something unexpected happened—something God would use as the definitive turning point in Najib’s life.


Radical Love

For six weeks, Najib was ill and bedridden. Now, the same voice that had drawn Najib away from Islam was now calling out to him again.

“I heard a voice calling to me from within. I cannot describe the voice because it was so beautiful,” Najib said. “A cross suddenly appeared before me—a huge cross with bright light. I asked, ‘Who are you?’ The voice answered, ‘I am your Lord Jesus Christ.’”

When Najib awoke, he was no longer sick. He remembered the cross appearing to him the night before. From that moment on, the most important thing was to find out the truth.

“I started crying out, ‘Lord, reveal the truth to me,’” Najib said.


Who could Najib ask about the things he had seen and heard? The Christians he knew were afraid of him.

But the Lord was not going to let Najib’s prayer go unanswered.

“One day I was flipping through the channels when THE KINGDOM SAT came on,” Najib said. “I found a sermon from Pastor Michael Youssef. I started understanding the words. This was the Bible that we were made to hate and to reject. But these words were God’s words! He was talking about God, His love, forgiveness, and mercy. I found that what I was previously taught as the correct teaching turned out to be the devil’s teaching. The words of the Bible entered my heart and touched it. I started craving Pastor Youssef’s appearance on the programs, so I would wait for him.”

A New Family

Radical Love

“I called the number and was answered by a brother from the channel,” Najib said. “I introduced myself and asked for a Bible. He asked how I knew Jesus Christ and what made me reject Islam.”

For a year, Najib exchanged messages with a member of Leading The Way’s follow-up team. Najib would send his questions, and the follow-up team would send him verses in return.

“I stopped believing in Islam. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, to whom is all the glory, and who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords,” Najib said. “This brother introduced the answers to me. He taught me everything I wanted to know and answered my questions. With his help, I got baptized and accepted Jesus Christ my Lord, God, Savior, fortress, and support.”

No turning back

Najib’s personal transformation was undeniable—from the neighborhood bully to a man filled with Christlike joy and love for others.

“My whole life changed—from ignorance and backwardness to light and truth; from hatred to love; from insecurity and constant stress to peace that fills my heart,” Najib said.

Parents, neighbors, and friends noticed the change in Najib’s life. People who had been afraid of him were now drawn to him.

But his newfound joy came at a cost.

“I used to put the Bible under my pillow. While I was out, my mother found it,” Najib said. “When I returned, she asked me what it was. I told her, ‘I became a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ’—straight to the point. She asked me, ‘Is this for real?’ I answered, ‘Just as you heard, Mum… I am a believer in Jesus Christ my Savior.’”

Najib’s mother went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and came to stab him with it.

“The knife hit my hand and injured me. She spat in my face and insulted me. I left home for a few days and went to stay with the brother from the follow-up team for a while. He introduced me to a few brothers who supported me and stood by my side to strengthen me.”

Working together

This is the beauty of Gospel ministry: God is the only One who can change hearts, but we get to be a part of the process.

It was your partnership that enabled Leading The Way to proclaim the Gospel message Najib saw on television. It was your partnership that allowed our follow-up teams to answer Najib’s questions, lead him to Christ, baptize him, and connect him with the local church. Yet, without God's sovereign orchestration of every detail, we would have never heard his story.

May these final words from Najib be your encouragement that God is doing the impossible through your prayers and gifts—and you are a part of his testimony: 

“I thank this ministry for helping people like me move from darkness to light, from hatred to love.”

Radical Love

For people like Najib, Leading The Way’s global broadcasts are just the beginning of a vibrant relationship with God—and a tumultuous journey of faith. Through Leading The Way’s three-pronged approach to ministry, new believers are empowered to become disciples as they receive the support they need along the way.

Through Biblical teaching programs, Najib found clarity in his search for Truth. Through on-the-ground discipleship, he gave his life to Christ and was able to grow spiritually. Through practical help, Najib was able to seek refuge from a hostile environment and find support in the midst of persecution.

Like so many testimonies we hear at Leading The Way, his story reminds us that no situation is too hopeless, no life is too broken, and no rescue mission is too overwhelming for God.

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