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Fearless Living in Light of Christ's Return
Sep 1, 2017
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Daily, Leading The Way is hearing testimonies from around the world of listeners and viewers emboldened by the Gospel. Despite persecution, rejection, and loss of livelihood, these believers are living fearlessly—full of courage and with their hope set firmly on Christ's return. Such stories are the fruit of God's grace and your partnership with Leading The Way. Together, we will continue to encourage all who encounter our broadcasts to press on in following Jesus Christ.

"I don't know if I would be alive without your daily encouragement and the power of the Word of God."


Nasibe, Kosovo

"My husband and I are the only Christians in our extended family. For years, they considered us enemies because of our faith. That was very difficult for us. But through the teaching of Dr. Youssef, we have learned how to forgive and how to love unconditionally. Your programs have filled us with the strength needed to face another day and to find everlasting joy in our Heavenly Father."

Deborah, Nigeria

"After the brutal killing of one of our sisters here in Nigeria by Muslim extremists, many are beginning to fear. ‘We have to be wise, we have to be careful,' they say. Thank you so much for the Word of life, encouraging and making my heart firm even to death to proclaim the Gospel. God bless you."

Lira, Greece

"I was the only Christian in my family and often abused for my faith. But at that time, I received encouragement from your programs. My heart was filled with the Word of God, and Dr. Youssef became a dear personal pastor to me. When I look back on this time now, I don't know if I would be alive without your daily encouragement and the power of the Word of God. Thank you."

Through your prayers and support, God is strengthening His church around the world. Thank you for your commitment to the cause of Christ.



Recently, the Leading The Way team was in Australia tackling an important topic: Islam. Through five events in five cities, our goal was to equip the church to know the truth about Islam and minister God's love to Muslims.

Leading The Way's efforts were not without opposition. Though a local mosque protested the event and media outlets pressured us to cancel our seminars, we pressed on—boldly proclaiming the Gospel. As a result, attendees were emboldened to share their Christian faith in an age of political correctness. One attendee shared:

"I learned more about Islam in the last 2 hours listening to your
presentation than I have in the last 20 years!"

From confronting political correctness in the West to sharing the Gospel in the Middle East, your partnership is helping us educate, equip, and empower Christians to share the love of Christ.

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