Notes from Our Inbox
Nov 1, 2017
June Gift Challenge

make an eternal impact

Generous partners are challenging you to match their gifts this month.

Each month Leading The Way receives encouraging testimonies from all over the world. Just as they are a tremendous encouragement to our team, we hope that their words will be an inspiration to you and an answer to your prayers for Leading The Way.

"You are my only way to understand the Bible and the Christian faith."



"I have many questions, and I hope you can answer them."


"Mariam is a persecuted convert who has been supported by Help The Persecuted. She lives now in Lebanon and asks us to pray for her. Please pray that God will grant her protection and strength."


"You are my only way to understand the Bible and the Christian faith."

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"I am a 26-year-old man who came to know Christ through THE KINGDOM SAT programs. I found the preaching very logical, which helped me surrender my life to Jesus. Please pray for me to grow in faith because I am afraid of my very conservative Muslim community."


"I love THE KINGDOM SAT programs because they explain the Bible in a practical and interesting way. The teaching is alive!"


"I watch THE KINGDOM SAT programs and other Christian programs as well. Since the ISIS invasions, I stopped believing in Mohammad and Islam. I wish I was a Christian, and I wish I could ask God to forgive my sin."