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Will Truth Survive in Our Age of Emotionalism
Jan 26, 2018
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We live in a culture in which Truth no longer matters. Christian principles are mocked and moral absolutes are despised. Some believe that Truth doesn’t even exist or simply cannot be known. These statistics from a 2014 Pew Research survey reflect the spiritual attitudes of our post-Truth culture:

In our culture today, trusting your gut and being true to yourself are exalted above submitting our minds to the Word of God.


"I do not believe in absolute standards for right and wrong"

"I trust my common sense most on matters of right and wrong"

"I do not believe the Scriptures should be taken literally"

In our culture today, trusting your gut and being true to yourself are exalted above submitting our minds to the Word of God. As a result, logical thinking has been dethroned and pure emotionalism reigns. We no longer believe in Truth; we believe in how we feel—and the fruit of this belief is evidenced on the nightly news, in our conversations with friends, and perhaps even around our dinner tables.

At a time when it is desperately needed here at home, you are helping us proclaim God’s Truth—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Over the last 30 years, God has given Leading The Way a vast platform to preach the Gospel here at home. Together, we are: 

  • Broadcasting Biblical teaching more than 5,300 times every week in the West through key television and radio outlets
  • Airing Gospel programs in Arabic, reaching into Muslim communities within our nation’s borders
  • Unpacking God’s Word through daily e-devotionals, MY Journal publications, and timely works like Dr. Youssef’s newest book The Hidden Enemy
  • Bringing Scriptural clarity to today’s issues through free resources and articles online

Each time you pray for or give to Leading The Way, you are helping us equip believers with the Biblical worldview they need in these uncertain times—believers like Toni, from Delaware, who wrote us to say:

"I have found great encouragement from listening to your programs. I appreciate the truth that is spoken simply and passionately and the way that it resonates in my heart. It feeds the hope I have for heaven and I will keep listening for instruction for gaining courage to live each day. Thank you."

With your partnership, we will press on with our mission to passionately proclaim uncompromising Truth, redoubling our efforts to minister to you and others in 2018. Thank you for your prayers, your support, and your commitment to God’s Word at this critical time. Together, we will see the church strengthened as we hold fast to the Truth of Christ.

So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.Isaiah 55:11

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