Global Work
Spotlight: Algeria
Jun 2, 2018
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This month, our ministry spotlight is Algeria—a Muslim nation currently experiencing political and economic crisis while Christians are enduring increasing amounts of persecution. Ranked 42nd on the Open Doors World Watch List, Algerian Christians withstand a range of restrictions and hardships brought on by state and society.

"Since the closing of our churches, your programs have been our only spiritual food."



  • Population: 40.6 million
  • Languages: Arabic and French
  • Religion: 99% Muslim
  • Current Status: 85% unreached by the Gospel, persecution currently on the rise. Religious activity of non-Muslims regulated and suppressed by law.

"The church in Algeria needs the Lord to intervene. Three churches in a major city were recently closed by the government." — FIELD TEAM

Leading The Way is actively ministering in Algeria through 3 strategic platforms:

  1. Gospel teaching airing 24/7 through our satellite TV channel THE KINGDOM SAT
  2. Field teams engaging viewers
  3. Social media outreach

We are hearing from listeners and viewers in Algeria who are sharing their first-hand stories of how the oppression and persecution of Christians continues to worsen—but how Leading The Way programs offer hope through the Truth of the Gospel.

"Since the closing of our churches, your programs have been our only spiritual food." — ALGERIAN CHRISTIAN

Please join us in prayer for our ministry work in Algeria.

Prayer: Lord, we ask that you blanket the Algerian Christians with your protection. We pray that you stay near to them and provide comfort and understanding as they experience persecution for their faith in You. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


Ahmed was a Muslim from a remote tribe in the Algerian desert. Watch how he came to Christ—and started the first church in his region.