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5 Ways We Are Expanding THE KINGDOM SAT
Oct 1, 2019
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As we celebrate 10 years of ministry in the Middle East and North Africa, our eyes are set on the horizon. Just a few years ago, LIVE broadcasts were only a remote possibility. Today, we stand ready to air 64 LIVE broadcasts in 2020. And this is just one exciting development as we press on to reach our Vision 2025 goal—doubling the audience of THE KINGDOM SAT.

Rooftops in Lebanon

The lost are hungry. The harvest is ripe. The time is now.

In order to meet this God-given goal, we must:

  1. Hire new field team members to disciple those who are coming to faith
  2. Launch our channel on new media platforms in new locations
  3. Produce worship songs and Bible programs in new languages and dialects
  4. Create specialized programs for young people, Muslim women, and other underserved groups
  5. Increase production of LIVE programs that engage Arabic-speaking audiences in real time

The lost are hungry. The harvest is ripe. The time is now. Join us today on the frontlines of this great move of God by giving generously and praying boldly.

Join the movement to see one million souls come to Christ.