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THE KINGDOM SAT: Three Viewers Share Their Stories
Oct 1, 2019

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As we celebrate another year of reaching the Arabic-speaking world through our KINGDOM SAT TV channel, we rejoice in the countless lives God is touching through this vibrant outreach. In countries where access to the Gospel is limited, THE KINGDOM SAT a critical lifeline for the broken, the lost, and the newly-saved.

Young Arab woman

"I cannot tell you how much this gave me the push I needed to continue in faith without hesitation or weakness."


When persecution brought Mirna to the edge of despair, THE KINGDOM SAT was there to offer comfort and courage.

Because I’m a Christian, I was persecuted in Iraq. One day, out of nowhere, terrorists opened fire on my family’s house in the middle of the night. We were targeted simply because we were Christians. Then, when my family and I moved to another city in Iraq, terrorists bombed the buses that my Christian classmates were using. Some of my friends lost their limbs in the attack.

I had a strong psychological reaction to what happened. I couldn’t sleep at night at all. I couldn’t leave the house. When my family moved to Jordan to escape the violence, I didn’t go to church because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be accepted. So, I began watching Christian channels like THE KINGDOM SAT.

Dr. Michael Youssef’s preaching affected me personally. He would say, “Don’t let fear control you.” When he was preaching, I felt like he was speaking directly to me. It was as if he was letting God inside my heart. . . . His preaching gave me courage when I desperately needed it.

I’m not scared anymore. Even if God sends me back to Iraq, I won’t be scared because I know He is with me. I’m happy in Christ. Now, I encourage other people to get to know the Lord through THE KINGDOM SAT. I even wish to be a missionary in Iraq or another Arab country because I want everyone to know the beauty of the Lord. I want everybody to taste and see—because God is good.

Young Arab man


After a vision of Christ, Noor began to understand that Jesus was the answer. But who would be there to disciple him in his new faith?

Christ appeared to me in a vision and asked me to follow Him. This vision was not like losing consciousness or an overactive imagination. It was not just words or charged emotions. It was the work of the Holy Spirit in me. . . . [Afterwards,] I decided to carry out an extensive study about Christ and Muhammad. In the end, I found that Christ is far more than a prophet and it is impossible for Him to be just a mere religious teacher. He is God who appeared in flesh.

THE KINGDOM SAT channel played a major role in introducing me to the person of Christ. Through its broadcasts, I was able to learn about Him and get discipled. It was my church when I couldn’t attend church physically. I love the apologetics programs that defend the Bible and the Christian faith. I cannot tell you how much this gave me the push I needed to continue in faith without hesitation or weakness. Through connecting with the field team, I grew in my relationship with Christ. They helped strengthen my faith in order not to be defeated.

To those who support THE KINGDOM SAT, I would like to send a message: Your contribution helps proclaim the Gospel and accomplish the Great Commission that Christ asked us to accomplish. It draws new believers like me to the fold of Christ, so that we all might be one flock with one Shepherd.

Young male


By searching the internet, Daniel came to believe it is the God of the Bible who answers prayer. And through THE KINGDOM SAT, he saw he was not alone in his conviction.

Growing up, I lived a strict religious life. I used to believe that the more I prayed, the closer I would be to God and the more He would answer me. So, I committed myself completely to Islam. I used to wake up at night to go to the farthest mosque to pray the early morning prayer. But I didn't get any answer or response from God to my prayer.

When I prayed, I felt like I was talking to a wall, and I began to despair. If there was a God, He would have answered me. I was being sincere; my conscience was clear—where was He? All of this made me doubt the existence of God altogether.

I started searching, asking myself, “Is the religion I was born into the truth? Or am I only a Muslim because I was born into this society?” This led me to objectively consider all religions, and I began to search the internet.

When I began to read the Bible, I was so impacted by what I read about Jesus in the Gospels. I became convinced that Christianity is the Truth. I decided to follow Jesus, and I prayed truthfully and in full belief. Then God answered my prayer. I used to go to my roof in secret to sit and pray. During those times, I was so impacted [by the presence of God] that I felt I was encountering God personally.

Many times, around one o'clock in the morning, I would plug in my computer and watch THE KINGDOM SAT secretly. I didn’t want my family to know that I was watching Christian TV channels. I watched the Yemeni worship songs on the channel. These songs comforted my heart. They told me that there are other believers in my country, and I pray the number grows. In my opinion, everyone who reads the Bible sincerely and with a clear conscience will see that Christianity is different.


Through God’s sovereign grace, as our KINGDOM SAT TV channel broadcasts the Gospel into the Muslim world, many are coming to Christ. Revival is happening, and the harvest is here! This is just a glimpse of what God is doing through your partnership:

“As a Muslim, I watched THE KINGDOM SAT channel for over seven years. I faithfully followed the programs and began to understand what Christianity meant. . . . After meeting with the field team, I was convinced that Jesus is my Lord.” — EGYPT

“I need your help! I am Muslim but I want to know more about Christianity. Growing up Muslim, all I knew about Christians was that they are infidels because they associate other Gods with Allah, which is something they call Trinity. . . . I saw a big cross in a dream. I am wondering why I saw this cross in my dream while I am a Muslim. What is the reason?” — MOROCCO

“I cannot describe the priceless treasures of teaching and knowledge THE KINGDOM SAT channel is presenting to us. . . . You don’t know that you are indirectly establishing new ministries that draw not only the lost to Christ but also build up believers in their faith.” — LEBANON

“I was taught since I was a kid that God does not have a son, so that was one of my main questions. Leading The Way’s field team was able to answer my questions and clear the way for me [to come to Christ].” — UNITED STATES

I was attracted to watch THE KINGDOM SAT channel because of the Yemeni programs. After following these programs, I felt compelled to download the Bible from the internet.” — YEMEN

Six years ago, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior after I saw Him in a dream. . . . I started listening to Dr. Michael Youssef’s sermons. I was so impacted by his teaching. I now hope to play a role in evangelism and Gospel proclamation.” — SYRIA

Join us in praising God for all He has done to save the lost and build up His church!

Thanks to your generous partnership, God is transforming lives in the Middle East.