Global Work
Spotlight: Saudi Arabia
Nov 3, 2019

December Gift Challenge

This month, for every dollar you give, generous ministry partners have committed to give $2!

This month, our ministry spotlight is Saudi Arabia, where Leading The Way is actively reaching through THE KINGDOM SAT and our field teams. Please join us in prayer for our ministry work in Saudi Arabia—that God would save many lost souls through His living Gospel message.

Riyadh city scape

You are helping us share the love of Christ in the very birthplace of Islam.


  • Population: 34.1 million
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Religion: 91.6% Islam
  • Current Status: Only 0.56% Evangelical Christian
  • Religious Discrimination: All religions other than government-sanctioned Islam are restricted; non-Muslims are not allowed to have Saudi citizenship, and non-Muslim places of worship are not permitted.


  • THE KINGDOM SAT: Gospel-centered programs broadcasting 24/7 on our satellite TV channel, including programs hosted by a Saudi Arabian convert
  • FIELD TEAMS: Trained believers responding to viewers' questions and discipling those who come to faith


"I am not afraid anymore to share my faith with others because of your courage." LEADING THE WAY VIEWER, SAUDI ARABIA

"Hany is a Christian living in Saudi Arabia. Please pray for him as he feels lonely. The only thing that can help him while being there is THE KINGDOM SAT." – FIELD TEAM, SAUDI ARABIA

Please pray that God would continue to build the underground church in this nation. Pray also for those who have already come to Christ and must now learn to follow Him in this hostile environment. You are helping us share the love of Christ in the very birthplace of Islam.

Through your partnership, Leading The Way is reaching into closed countries with the Good News of Christ's love.