Searching for the True God: Saad (Morocco)
Jan 2, 2020

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Every day, God is using Leading The Way's broadcasts to introduce the lost to His Son Jesus. Rejoice with us that another brother has been added to the family of God!

Though I grew up in a Muslim family, I didn't consider myself a Muslim. After I met with some Jehovah's Witnesses and began attending their meetings, I had a desire to explore all religions. My journey searching for the true God and comparing Islam and Christianity started at this point.

I extensively studied the Quran and Sunnah (Muhammad's traditions) and found out that they are far from being authentic books—in fact they are full of mistakes. It's impossible that they could be from God or be His Word. My search, which began in 2011, led me to your TV channel THE KINGDOM SAT. Its programs led me to the true Christ whom I accepted as my Savior.


"Its programs led me to the true Christ whom I accepted as my Savior."

[But then] problems started when my family realized the change in my life—I was not sharing with them in fasting for Ramadan or any other Islamic ritual. They pushed me to go to a mental hospital and take medication. I didn't care much about that because I found my comfort in Christ.

I kept watching various programs on THE KINGDOM SAT, particularly Dr. Michael Youssef's. I consider your channel as my own church because it speaks to serious-minded people. It became my only refuge for the last nine years in which I was a believer and had no other believer to connect with. When I decided I could no longer be alone and contacted the field team, I thanked the Lord that they could help me connect with other believers. Now I want to be baptized. This has been my heart's desire for the last nine years.

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