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Exercise: Willing to Be Made Willing
Sep 1, 2020

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There are often times where we struggle to see the perfection of God's plan. We doubt our ability to fulfill God's call, asking like Moses, "Who am I that I should . . . ?" (Exodus 3:11). We doubt ourselves, and thus we doubt God; we don't want to obey Him.

But God can do much with even a little faith.


But God can do much with even a little faith.
We can call out to Him like the man with the son possessed by a spirit who desperately exclaimed, "I believe; help my unbelief!" (Mark 9:24, ESV). This is a real and honest place to be. And God will honor this kind of simple prayer: "Lord, help me. I'm struggling to surrender to You. But I am willing to be made willing." This is the surrender that God is looking for—a demonstration of your faith in God to work obedience in your heart.

What is an area in which you are struggling to be willing to obey—to even want to obey?

Ask the Lord to work in your heart today to transform you into someone who is willing to obey, who longs to follow Christ whatever the path.

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