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Ask Dr. Youssef: "I feel depressed around the holidays. How do I combat this feeling?"
Dec 3, 2020
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"I know Christmas is a time for celebration, but sometimes I just feel depressed. How do I combat this feeling?"

"There is a hope that will never disappoint you."


Sometimes we deal with emotional depression around Christmas because we place our hope and joy in the fleeting delights of the season—the decorations, the gifts, the food, the gatherings. We hope that these will bring us lasting satisfaction, but things go wrong or the moment simply fades—and we are left feeling empty.

But there is a hope that will never disappoint you. Simeon understood this; he set his expectations not on possessions or people but firmly on the promises of God. So when he saw the fulfillment of God's Word in the face of the virgin-born baby Jesus, he could say, "Sovereign Lord, . . . you may now dismiss your servant in peace" (Luke 2:29).

What unfulfilled desires are you experiencing this Christmas season? Allow them to drive you toward Christ Jesus. His promises of salvation, heaven, and Himself are matchless—nothing could bring you deeper joy. So this season, look beyond the temporal to the eternal. Having this godly vision will sustain you and satisfy you now and to the day God calls you home.

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