There Is a Movement Growing
Feb 2, 2021
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You won't hear about it on the news, but it is happening each day in our nation and in the nations of the world. Souls are being saved. Lives are being transformed. Families are forever changed. False teachers may be distorting Christianity while the lukewarm leave the church, but there is a white-hot revival ablaze in the hearts of a faithful remnant. Jesus is alive—and He is very much on the move through your partnership. Here are just a few testimonies Dr. Michael Youssef recently received in his inbox.

There is a white-hot revival ablaze in the hearts of a faithful remnant.


"I have been struggling lately with depression. . . . I saw your commercial on TV [FP1] and just prayed that Jesus would save me." – GREG, UNITED STATES

"Your ministry has helped me continue witnessing to my Muslim friends."— MARY BETH, UNITED STATES

"I was born and raised Jewish. . . . Please keep me in prayer as I accepted Jesus." – ROBERTA, UNITED STATES

"I have been following your ministry since 2009. You have helped me so much during these dark times." – SAHABTHEN, GERMANY


"I felt peace overwhelming my soul when your field team prayed for me." – MUHAMMAD, MOROCCO

"Your channel helped me find Jesus while I was a Muslim." – HAYAT, ALGERIA

"I accepted Christ when I was watching your channel." – NESSRINE, ALGERIA

"Thank you for standing with me. It is rare to find faithful brothers that have the likeness of Jesus." – QAMAR, SYRIA

Our God is at work! He neither slumbers nor sleeps. Through your support, He is doing what only He can do—drawing peoples from all nations to Himself.

Join the movement to build up the church and fuel revival.