Muslim Woman Comes to Christ: Habiba's Story (Morocco)
Jul 2, 2021

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Growing up in Morocco, where 99 percent of the population is Muslim, Habiba had never heard the full Gospel message. But one day, while working in a village frequented by tourists, a visitor gave her an audio Bible—and she was captivated.

"I listened to the Bible every night," Habiba says. "Many times, I heard Christ calling me—even though I was a Muslim."

"I heard Christ calling me . . ."

Night after night, Habiba would lie in bed thinking about the many questions she had, wondering if this was the true God she longed to know. Hungry for more, she searched online for answers. It was there that she stumbled across the website for THE KINGDOM SAT, Leading The Way's 24/7 television channel reaching the Middle East. Eager to finally get answers, Habiba overcame her fear and reached out to the field team.

"She considers the day the field team member showed up at her door like a feast," says Leading The Way's North African field team coordinator. "After the field team member spent time with her and presented the Gospel message to her, Habiba prayed to receive Christ in her life."

The field team gave Habiba a digital Bible and discipleship courses in Tamazight, her heart language. She says, "At first, I was hesitant to reach out to you. But praise God that I was able to call you and learn so much from you."

As Habiba follows Christ in a country aggressively opposed to her faith, she won't be alone. This is the impact of your partnership with Leading The Way—that those in spiritual deserts may feast on God's Word, be transformed by His love, and know that the one who calls them will never leave them.

You can reach more people like Habiba by partnering with Leading The Way.