Global Work
In Times of Great Uncertainty, Jesus Is Greater
Jun 1, 2022

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"The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world." – 1 John 4:4B

In some of the most unexpected places, Leading The Way is proclaiming the Gospel—and the lost are responding.

As the world around us becomes darker and more chaotic, the light of Christ is shining more brightly than ever through your partnership. In some of the most unexpected places on earth, Leading The Way is proclaiming the Gospel—and the lost are responding.

Dr. Michael Youssef recently shared, "Tens of thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ through THE KINGDOM SAT. Thousands of others are receiving spiritual hope and help through Finding True Peace. Our broadcasts are reaching the lost in 28 languages including Ukrainian. When I really think about it, it's enough to bring me to my knees in humble adoration of He who has done far more than I could ever ask or think. What amazing things God can do! What amazing things He works through us as we yield to Him completely. What an amazing thing for you and me to be as tools in His hand!"

Our God has established this ministry and our global infrastructure for such a time as this, and we are thrilled to serve alongside you in this greatest of all missions.


This year, the Lord worked through your partnership to reach tens of thousands more people with Biblical Truth. By God's grace and thanks to your support:

  1. 25 new weekly TV broadcasts brought a surge of new viewers, listeners, and visitors to
  2. Finding True Peace commercials in multiple languages led the lost to Christ—with 125,000+ visits to our evangelistic website.
  3. 7,853 people in the U.S. received spiritual counseling from our pastoral team.
  4. Our KINGDOM SAT channel reached 10 million views on YouTube alone this year.
  5. 2 more global languages, Ukrainian and Hebrew, were added to our broadcast lineup.
  6. Dr. Youssef's book Never Give Up encouraged pastors and Christian leaders to stand firm on Biblical Truth.
  7. Solar-powered Navigator devices reached refugees and other hard-to-reach populations in the United States, Albania, Indonesia, Ukraine, and more.
  8. Dr. Youssef's Arabic-English radio programs reached Arabic-speaking people in American cities—including New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and the San Diego/Los Angeles area.
  9. 57 unique Leading The Way LIVE online broadcasts reached the unchurched around the world.
  10. Online discipleship groups were formed throughout the Middle East—supporting many who have left Islam for Christ.

And this is only a glimpse of how the Lord is at work! As we press on to follow His call, your partnership today will:

  • Broadcast Dr. Youssef's undiluted Gospel messages on new TV and radio stations.
  • Increase Navigator distribution to more hard-to-reach peoples.
  • Grow embedded field teams across the USA and around the world.
  • Fuel large-scale evangelistic events both nationally and internationally.
  • Meet the next spiritual crisis head on.

Will you join Dr. Youssef on the forefront of this crucial ministry?

Partner with us as we passionately proclaim the uncompromising Truth here at home and around the world.