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Dr. Youssef Returns to Egypt for Historic Revival Opportunity
Oct 1, 2023

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"Just pray. I will intervene." These were the words God kept bringing to the mind of a young Michael Youssef as he struggled to find a way to follow God's call to ministry outside of Egypt. Nationalism and contempt for Christians were both on the rise there in 1968.

In fact, the very day Michael finally received permission from an embassy to immigrate, the Nasser regime came out with a new ruling: No university student could hold a passport or travel abroad. Then, against all odds, the Lord miraculously opened the door for his escape—providing Michael the last seat on the last plane he could take out of Egypt.

God has called us to Egypt while the window is open.


When Michael Youssef left Egypt, he didn't think he would ever return. Yet, over the last 35 years of ministry, God has continued to open the door for him to go back to the country of his birth— providing opportunities to encourage the church, record special programs for Leading The Way's KINGDOM SAT channel, and meet with the President of Egypt and other dignitaries. And just weeks from now, on the heels of Leading The Way's 35th anniversary of ministry, Dr. Youssef will return to Egypt for one of the most important trips he will ever make there.


"The Lord is opening up yet another door for us to minister in Egypt," Dr. Youssef shared recently, "with the potential to draw multitudes of lost souls to Christ and stir a national revival." On November 3, 2023, nearly 18 months of praying, planning, mobilizing local churches, and training them to evangelize the lost and disciple new believers will culminate in a powerful evening of preaching with Dr. Youssef at a 10,000-seat outdoor venue in the heart of Egypt. In addition, Dr. Youssef's message from the Evangelistic Celebration will air LIVE on Leading The Way's KINGDOM SAT channel, which broadcasts to 260 million Arabic-speaking homes. It will also video stream LIVE around the globe on Leading The Way's streaming platforms, including, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Roku.

In a region where Christians face religious restrictions and large gatherings must be approved by local authorities, this is an unprecedented opportunity to proclaim the Gospel.

"I never would have imagined a door would open for us to hold a highly coordinated, massive evangelistic event in the Middle East—but our God is the God who makes a way," said Dr. Youssef.


As Dr. Youssef, the Leading The Way team, and churches in Egypt prepare for this historic Evangelistic Celebration in Cairo, will you join us in prayer?

Please Pray for God To:

  • Draw the lost to Christ, including those who have never heard the true Gospel.
  • Minister through Dr. Youssef, ministry personnel, and local churches participating in the Celebration.
  • Facilitate an effective broadcast as the Celebration airs LIVE around the world.
  • Bring long-term spiritual fruit as Field Teams and local churches follow up with those who come to faith at the Celebration.

Egypt is 95 percent Muslim. Churches face religious restrictions and resource limitations. Christians face daily opposition for their faith. And yet, the spiritual hunger is great. Muslims are coming to Christ daily through the programs on our 24/7 KINGDOM SAT television channel and the work of our Field Teams. God has called us to Egypt now while the window is open.

Through your prayers and partnership, countless people like Ahmed, an Egyptian viewer of our KINGDOM SAT channel, are proclaiming: "I am convinced that Jesus Christ is more than a great man—He is also my Lord and my Redeemer."

May many more souls declare Christ as their Lord as a result of the Evangelistic Celebration in Cairo— and all our ministry efforts together.

We praise God for 35 years of ministry and the privilege of proclaiming Christ in Egypt next month. Will you stand with Leading The Way as we continue to passionately proclaim uncompromising Truth in the Middle East and beyond? Your support makes groundbreaking outreaches like our Evangelistic Celebration in Egypt possible.