Christian Living
The Joy of Our Salvation
Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
Jun 11, 2017
If God Is In Control, Why Is My Life Such a Mess?


When we neglect our relationship with Christ, our thoughts become influenced by our sinful human nature instead of being guided by the Holy Spirit. When we forget to draw on God's power to lead our hearts, we quickly succumb to bad attitudes. 

We become impatient and selfish. We whine when things do not go our way. We become dissatisfied with where God has placed us. We grumble against God's will for our lives. We complain about other believers and our spiritual leaders.

The foundation of our joy is our relationship with Christ and our obedience to Him.

How quickly we forget the joy of our salvation. When we accepted Christ as our Savior, the Holy Spirit gave us overwhelming joy. Do you remember how you felt the day you became a Christian? Were you so overwhelmed with gratitude for God's love and mercy that you wanted to shout to the world what God had done for you?

That bliss was never meant to be a fleeting gift. God wants us to experience His joy every day for the rest of our lives. The foundation of our joy is our relationship with Christ and our obedience to Him.

When our joy begins slipping and we begin to grumble against God, it is a sure sign that we are trying to do things our own way. We are no longer drawing on God's power, but are trying to rely on our own strength. As we drift further from Christ, joy decreases and misery increases.

Are you living a life of joy or a life misery? Draw near to Christ and experience the lasting joy of His salvation.

Prayer: God, help me to always remember the joy of my salvation. Help me to stay close to You and to draw on Your power each day so that I will live a joyful life. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me" (Psalm 51:12).