Your impact on the world

From remote regions to closed countries to our own nation, God is using your gifts to reach the lost and equip believers with the Good News of Jesus Christ. With your help, we are providing spiritual hope and practical help on the frontlines of ministry. Thank you for your partnership.

Awarded with a 4-star Charity Navigator rating—the highest rating of financial stewardship among charitable organizations—you can trust that your investment in Leading The Way is being used to advance God’s Kingdom. Together with your partnership, we will see God transform many more lives here at home and around the world.

Other Ways to Give

There are many creative ways you can contribute to Leading The Way’s ministry work and bring the Good News to people all over the world. Many of these offer significant tax benefits, and all of them enable you to make a greater impact on the Kingdom of God.

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Become a Frontline Mission Partner

When you become a Frontline Mission Partner, your recurring monthly gifts help sustain our ministry work and enable us to continue proclaiming the Gospel 24/7 on the most popular media platforms, discipling new believers in closed countries and across the entire Western world, and helping Christians grow in their faith as they begin to impact their local communities for Christ.

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Frontline Mission Partners