Muslim World Outreach

Advancing God's Kingdom in closed countries

An unprecedented opportunity

Dr. Michael Youssef’s history and experience have culminated into an unprecedented opportunity to reach the Muslim world for Christ. By God’s grace, Leading The Way is reaching the lost and equipping believers in the Middle East, North Africa, and most recently, Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation. THE KINGDOM SAT was formed in 2009 and is the foundation for our outreach to Muslims. Reaching hundreds of millions of viewers, including audiences in closed countries like Saudi Arabia and Libya, this channel is designed to evangelize Muslim audiences and strengthen Christian audiences with solid Biblical teaching and personal discipleship.

Discipling the muslim world for christ

On-the-ground follow-up is a crucial part of stewarding the Gospel message proclaimed every day through our broadcasts. That is why THE KINGDOM SAT’s Arabic, French, English, and Indonesian broadcasts offer personal evangelism, discipleship, and ongoing support for our listeners and viewers. Many of Leading The Way’s field team staff are converts from Islam who have experienced persecution firsthand. All have at least a bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and are equipped to respond to questions from viewers across the spectrum—from the angry to the spiritually hungry.
What we are seeing God do is remarkable. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims who claim to have seen a vision or a dream of Jesus tune in to our teaching channel. And there they hear about the very One whom they saw in a dream telling them that He loves them and died for them.

Dr. Michael Youssef

The mission field at our doorstep

Leading The Way is also reaching the Muslim world here at home through Arabic-English radio broadcasts and personal discipleship. As refugees immigrate to Western countries in record numbers, Leading The Way is ready to show them the love of Christ with Arabic broadcasts and on-the-ground discipleship available in strategic cities.

engaging a skeptical world with the gospel

As the rise of Islamic terrorism stirs up questions, doubts, and disillusionment within the Muslim community—both here at home in America and overseas—the sound apologetics teaching and conversational feel of these programs are engaging an increasingly skeptical world with the Gospel.


Programming available to 260 million homes in the Muslim world


of KINGDOM SAT viewers are Muslim