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From the Frontlines: Sharing Christ with Muslims
Oct 13, 2015
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By Ash, Leading The Way's North American Arabic Follow-up Coordinator

As a former Muslim, my first advice to Christians who want to share their faith with Muslims is this: Be free from fear, because fear builds silence. Expect differences in thoughts and theology. You are sharing your faith with someone who doesn't know Christ, so don't expect this person to agree with you or accept Christ the first time. Here are some more tips:

1. Pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare the person you're talking to. Pray for a clear message, clear words, and opportunities to share your faith.

2. Look at the person you're sharing with as a human being and a lost soul not as a terrorist. We have been called to share Christ with everybody. Take down the labels. Labeling builds fear, and fear builds silence.

3. Be free from the need to know everything about Islam. You don't need to know everything about Islam in order to share Christ with a Muslim. Knowledge is ultimately not going to help you build a bridge it's friendship that will build the bridge across the differences between you.

"Remember coming to Christ is a continued process, not a one-time event. Pray and do your job, then let the Holy Spirit do His."

4. Open the conversation as you would with any other person. Christianity does not have to be the very first thing you talk about; it will probably come up naturally. Both Americans and Middle Easterners have an inner rule to not talk about religion or politics, but 90 percent of what we talk about is religion or politics! Inside us, we all want to know if the person in front of us is Christian or Muslim, Democratic or Republican, Sunni or Shia. It's highly likely that the conversation will go in that direction.

5. Share what God has done in your life. We Middle Easterners love stories. If you don't believe that, read the gospels. Jesus did not bring a chalkboard out and start explaining doctrine. He taught doctrine through stories, sayings, and illustrations. Share where you are spiritually, why you are following Jesus, and how you have been guaranteed eternal life. Just focus on Christ, His love for them, and what He has done for you.

Remember coming to Christ is a continued process, not a one-time event. Pray and do your job, then let the Holy Spirit do His.