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Powerful Moments from Our Iraq Women's Retreat
May 5, 2016

Iraqi Women Experience God's Healing

Recently, through the support of ministry partners like you, Leading The Way hosted a retreat in Iraq for women who fled ISIS and are now displaced in refugee camps. It was an honor to provide these persecuted women with spiritual and physical nourishment, a time to debrief their trauma, and a safe place to heal, fellowship, and worship the Lord.

A pastoral counselor walked them through the healing process, and the women shared their stories of the suddenness of displacement and the dangers of their families' flights to freedom and safety. But they also remembered the Lord's mercy in the midst of their persecution.

"You can sense the joy that God restored to these women through this experience."

During the final worship time at the retreat, each woman was draped with a shawl as a reminder of God's protection and care over her. One woman shared, "I would like for everyone to know this thing -- a joy from within, to know that your soul is important to the Lord."

This is why our Help The Persecuted ministry exists: to lift up our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ in trying times. We seek to stand with them and meet their needs whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, demonstrating the love of Christ as we serve.

As you watch footage from the retreat, you can sense the joy that God restored to these women through this experience. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and gifts, which enable us to continue helping the persecuted around the world.